Jacob? Edward? Nah...Team LUSH all the way!

Happy Monday!! Well, the day is pretty much done but I felt the need to open with that....

It was a rough day... I ran out of Coffee creamer. I'm a "bit of coffee with my cream" type gal.
My name is Joanna...and I'm addicted to Coffee.... with Hazelnut creamer. ::le sigh::

After the week I had, it was Fabulo-so to send some Q-time with two of my girlfriends. Ohh the fun that took place.

I met one of my favorite friends Irish at her pad. Remember how uber cute it is? Anywho- she swooshed me off to have lunch at this healthy eatery in Downtown Orange.

This place is healthy meets homey meets yummy.

The setting is a quaint little house, possibly owned by your Grandma Dolores. It has a calm blue wall color with wood crown moldings and old family pictures on the wall. The tables are all dining room tables that you can find in any country home. We shared a table with a nice family, which some may think is weird and intrusive, but it felt like we were right at home.

On to the novel of a MENU. 23 pages of soups, sandwiches, and house specialties? It took me an hour to order. (It usually takes me a long time, but with a 23 page menu...uhhh... gimme a minute, or two, or 10)

After a long deliberation with the menu... I finally ordered.

I ordered the Cockie Leeky soup ( chicken, rice, and leeks in a creamy broth) and Irish had the Chicken Rice Vegetable.

Yup, just like Grandma's cookin'

Then, Irish and I shared our Sammies, half Avocado Sandwich (Avocado, sunflower seeds, tomats, cheese, on squaw bread) half Garlic Chicken Sandwhich (Garlic Chicken, melted jack, tomats, lettuce, avocado) Irish also ordered Carrot, Apple, Orange Juice

Everything was Wholesome, fresh and just plain good. Extra Kudos points for being good for you.
Next time, I want everything on page 5 and 8 and a sampling of all the teas....and I would like to sit with a cute family of 3.

California Eats Tab Worthy

After lunch, we headed on over to this cute little plaza to shop around. We hit up this fab place. When I buy new running shoes, I'm coming here! They do the whole Test your feet thing here to really pin point which shoe, is best, for, you!

Less than half an hour later, we found ourselves at this adorable Soda Fountain place.

We met up with our buddy Dez and ordered up some Fries, Onion Rings, and Shakes.

Dez is a riot. Fun follows this girl...so I follow her. See, she found a peace sign...err...yeah.

I had Oreo, Dez had Strawberry Cheesecake, and Irish had Orange.

We all left with big smiles and some of us left with gas. Eeeks! I am a bit lactose. TMI.. I know.

Less than an hour after that...we went here. Why? Because Why the hell not?

Floor to ceiling candy? Apologies to my dentist...wait Why am I apologizing? I pay her bills... she should be apologizing to me... can I get and AMEN? ::up top::

Then...we went here....

This is a food blog...well here is food for your skin and your hair!

As you can see, we all left with something.

Bath junk...

Soap Junk

This is what I got...

Seaweed Shampoo bar (Awesome), FREE Sample of soap (FREEE!!!), and a Garlic Face Mask!

The day ended and we bought a box of wine, a box of Beanboozled, and watched Twilight Eclispe.

We did about 4 rounds before two certain somebodies QUIT. That makes me the winner I guess.

Dog Food... I got it...DAMN!
In this game...everyone is a LOSER.

Have you played before?


  1. SO SO FUN!! That restaurant looks absolutely amazing....I LOVE SOUP AND SANDWICHES. I am totally jealous of all the yummy places you went. You are adorable!! PS I live in Utah but in the summer I will be in Orange County. WE SHOULD MEET UP!!

  2. Looks like such a fun day! I am truly obsessed with LUSH products. I use the shampoo and conditioner bars, and my favorite body wash is The Olive Branch. It's brilliant!

  3. Good eats, relaxing strolls through Old Towne, LUSH goodness, caterpillar jelly beans, and forbidden vampire love.. who could ask for more? (Well, we coulda gone crazy and enjoyed some "bath salts"!) Such a gaseous (hehe), but FUN day!! I love you, Joanna!! :)

  4. that's funny- my coworkers and I have been eating candy all day talking about ourdentists, but you're right- we are making more business for them :)
    Your blog makes me hungry!

  5. the riot... Dez =PMarch 1, 2011 at 5:29 PM

    that was such a fun spontaneous day! we'll have to do another one with more of the girls... and bust out some of that boxed wine n go crazy next time! hahahah!

  6. omg isn't ruta's the best?!?!?!?!?!? i used to go to the one in fullerton ALL THE TIME and miss it so!!! i actually threw my mom's surprise 50th bday there a few years ago! so delish!


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