Part II, Happi Crabs and Shaved Snow

Whoa, what day is today? I have a whole week off of work, thanks to all the presidents' days, and have no concept of time or days. I'm pretty sure it's Wednesday, but I'll find out for sure when I post this sucka.

In good Valentine's day fashion, we went on yet another double date this weekend with my fabulous Wedding Coordinator turned friend, Nancy and her husband, Eddie, who could possibly be one of the nicest guys in town.

I have a stalker confession to make. Before food blogs, I used to follow Wedding photographer blogs. This was even before I got engaged.... that's Weirdo strike #1. I saw Nancy and Eddie's wedding which had me swooning. After I got engaged, I went back to their pictures many a few times for ideas. I got curious and clicked on Nancy's name in the comments thinking, maybe she might have a blog...that's Weirdo strike #2. 

She did, and lucky for me she was just starting her Wedding Planning business, SoHappiTogether. I jumped at the chance to meet her and we instantly clicked. She's just as sweet as she looks in her pictures. Throughout my wedding planning, we became friends and now, even after the wedding, we keep in touch. Is it weird that my heart would break if we never hung out again....yeah that's Weirdo strike #3.

And Bonus! Her hubby Eddie is a wedding photography with his own bizz...UP Imagery whose blog I stalk regularly. His eye for photography is legit.

We met up in Rowland Heights at a lovely place called...

The Boiling Crab
If you like crabs and everything seafood related, this is the place for you.

Anyone else know about the Crab trap door?

If you like fun places where you can write on the walls, this is the place for you.

If you don't like to get down and dirty and come out looking like you just delivered a baby...this is NOT the place for you.

Their napkin consumption here must be the biggest chunk of their budget. I'm sorry treehuggers...this place would make you cry.

The Menu is pretty simple. Pick a sea creature, pick a flavor, pick your hotness level.
(GRRR... I tried rotating this picture...obviously I couldn't do it.)
You can also add sausages, corn, and potatoes....yes please!
Then they throw it all in a bag and leave you to fend for yourself.

Cut your nails, take off your rings, and's game time.

Nancy and I shared a bag with shrimp, corn, and sausage. We didn't want spice like the guys did. She's so cute trying to stay all clean!

Now imagine me on the other side of her, mouth smeared with sauce, fingers all a mess, and a fatty smile on my face....Like a fat kid who just devoured a whole chocolate cake. No lie.

I would've taken a picture...but then my camera would be...well you know...dirty. I was trying to hold out on the napkin consumption.

So much fun!

After we tore this place up.... we went to the most Magical place I've ever been to.

Class 302

I think this place was made specifically for seriously, I think this place was designed with me in mind. The Lord sent this place to make me smile...and worked.

The decor is an Asian style classroom...
Desks included...and some even have junk in it...just like a real school desk.

Chalkboard...I'm sure it's a lesson on standardize testing...they do that everywhere right?

Enough of this school non-sense...I'm on Vacation Dammit.

THIS is why we came...THIS is why we live....NOM NOM NOM
This is Green Tea with Red Bean and Mochi... DELICOUS!

Strawberry and Mango with Chocolate...UH HUH!!!

I'm talking in CAPS because I'm dead serious. This place is my place.

Let me explain Shaved Snow to you.... it's not Shaved Ice...It's not a Snow head::
Imagine a block of condensed milk...or in the first picture green tea with milk, instead of a block of ice. I'm sure they have some magical tool that creates these ice curls that are so light on the tongue.

I loved it so much I brought Kuya and Sebby the next day.

As you can see from the picture, Sebby loved it. I created a monster... and now we are Shaved snow Monsters together.

This makes me SO HAPPI. I had about 5-10 mini bowls and I'm sure I left this place with chocolate and red beans smeared all over my face.


  1. That place looks like to much fun! I love getting your hands in there and getting it done :)

  2. My sister has been raving about Class 302. I have yet to try their desserts!

  3. Did you graffiti- I mean write- on their wall?


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