Friendship with a side of Brownies

Happy Sunday everyone! How was your weekend? Don't they always seem so short? ::le sigh::

Last week, I got a nice break from cooking. My good friend Irish invited me over to her new bachelorette pad. If I were a single woman, I would try everything in my power to live here. It is SOOOOO freggin' cute!

It's a cute studio apartment with so many great amenities! And look at the kitchen... to.die.for.

For a one bedroom studio, that's pretty nice no?

She also has the pleasure of living with these cutie pah-tooties.

This is Benji. He's ADORABLE!

And this is Mango. So painfully shy but so sweet. My goal is to friend her. She's too cute.

Look, they're kitchen beggers like Sonic.

Silly dogs. They act like we don't feed them.

Anywho, back to dinner. I love Irish because she has the same passion I have for food. So I knew this meal would be music to my tummy.

On a side note, I always love her because she's a friend who adds positivity, not drama, to my life. I mean, the girl has this on her fridge. Don't you want to just hug her?

Plus, she's also a teacher (and almost a special ed teacher), so she feels my pain.

Back to dinner (my, my I'm getting side tracked alot). Irish made a meal from the latest edition of Deceptively Delicious. Note to self: buy the new edition of Deceptively Delicious.

She picked the Baked Ziti. Pasta with baked cheese? Yes, please.

This one called for carrot and cauliflower purees.

I had Garlic Bread duty...and snack duty. Note to self again: Buy these blueberry yum yums!

Benji stayed on begging duty. Tell me this isn't the cutest thing!!

While we waited for dinner to cook, we started the brownies.

This was her first time using her Pretty Mixer. I was honored to be a part of this mixing event.

Beginner's luck

Dinner was great.

Dessert was slammin'

But nothing was as good as our all night conversations. I didn't care that I had work the next day, I love talking about everything and anything with her.

Or maybe I just didn't want to leave her lovely studio.

How often do you make dates with your friends?

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  1. Oh, Joanna! I think YOU are an amazing friend. Thank you for blessing my new home with your presence! You know you are welcome anytime!

    P.S. I've decided that whole wheat pasta is an acquired taste and I might opt for regular penne next time!


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