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I went to New York City one Summer and the Hotel Lady at the front desk told me that she feels sorry for me because "Californians don't know what REAL Food is." She claims that by the time the immigrants (Italians, Chinese, or any other food loving people) come to California, they don't know how to cook anymore.

Must. Not. Slap. Nice. Lady.

THIS, Lady, is for YOU. Eat THIS ::insert mean name here::!

My goal is to make a list of all the GREAT places I've eaten here in Good Ol' Cali-forn-I-A. It's a work in progress and if there is no link, I haven't written a formal post, yet. But, I WILL!

All-American Awesomeness:
Umami Burger (Santa Monica)
Phillipe's (Downtown LA)
Oinksters (Eagle Rock)
Sky Bar (Long Beach)
Rutabecorz (Downtown Orange)
The Salted Pig (Riverside)
Roscoe's Chicken n' Waffles (Pasadena)

Asian Persuasion:
Ooka (Riverside)
Table For Two (Riverside)
Boiling Crab (Rowland Heights)
Coconut Bay/Banana Bay (Rowland Heights)
Korean Tofu House (Victorville)

Fine Filipino Food:
Manila Sunset (Rancho Cucamonga)
Pinoy Pinay (La Puente)

Mexican and other Delicioso Comida:
King Taco (LA Area)

Fantastic Food Trucks:
Kogi Truck
Shaved Ice Truck

Sweets for my Sweets:
Classroom 302 (Rowland Heights)
Amara Chocolate & Churros (Pasadena)
Fosselman's Ice Cream (Alhambra)

Other Orgasmic Eats:
Viva Madrid (Claremont)
Sevilla (Riverside)
Il Forniao (Irvine)
Spitz (Downtown LA)
Le Pain Quotidien (Claremont)

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  1. A must California Food find is Hash House a Go-Go in San Diego. It is especially delicious for breakfast/brunch. It is amaz-balls! Check it out at


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