It's A.....


Yes, hubby and I are at odds. He doesn't want to know and my impatient buhdunk wants to find out. So, as of now, he we are NOT finding out. But, my anal retentive personality just can't be settled for 5 more months of NOT knowing. I'm a list person, so I made a list.  Pros vs. pros...wait a second that's not makes sense in my head, promise.

PROs of not knowing
  • It's a special surprise on the big day
  • No one is doing this anymore. The novelty of being one of the few couples that wait is appealing.
  • Doctors can say it's a girl and you prepare for a girl and BOOM... it comes out with a penis. Gender FAIL.
  • Baby will still be cute in yellow ducky onsies. I mean, who the hell doesn't like duckies? That's what I'd like to know.
  • ummmm ??

PROS of knowing

  • Isn't the baby surprise enough on the big day?
  • Everybody is doing it. Peer pressure. Lovely.
  • You can prep the nursery
  • I hear it's more a of a connection when you know. Talking to your "Baby boy" is a lot more special than talking to "Baby."
  • Cute dresses for girls and cute whatever boys wear for boys.
  • Better wardrobe for baby
  • Easier for friends and family at the baby shower.

Well, either way I get a baby at the end of this game and all will be water under the bridge. I'm not stressing about it and you know what's fun? Using old wives' tales to find the sex of our baby. Who needs doctors when you got these...

Old Wives' Tales
1. Carrying high, it's a girl. Carrying low, it's a boy. High...girl
2. Heartbeat 140+bpm, baby girl. Heartbeat below 140 bpm, baby boy. 150...girl
3. Craving sweet, pink it is. Craving salty and sour, blue time. I'm craving mostly salty....boy
4. Chinese Calendar says Age of conception + Month of conception= Sex of the baby.
28+February=boy (That is more information than I'm sure you wanted to know)
5. Mayan calendar says if my age and the year of conception are both even or both odd, it's a girl and if it's one even and one odd it's a boy. 28 and 2012....girl

Still need to try:
-String with your wedding ring. If it swings back and forth blue and green chucks! If it swings in circles, dresses!
-Pee in a cup, add Drano. Green=girl, Blue= boy. This is totally bizarre. I have to try it.
-Toddler play. If a toddler shows interest in your belly, it's a girl. If not, boy.

You know what, all this silliness really makes it fun. Even though these are totally bonkers, I'm still going to test each one. I have 4 more months. Wowza Mahgowza.
18 weeks and counting