Drizzles of Sunshine: Busy Bumble Bee

1. I thought I was being a good Rosetta Stone student. I finished Unit 1 and I was feeling so fantastico. I could put simple sentences together and my vocabulary was overflowing with mucho spanish words...or so I thought. I got to my Unit Test, where you pretty much have a full blown conversation with the computer. I wonder if I got points deducted for crying into the mic. In my defense, the Unit went from teaching me "Yo tengo dos sandwiches." to pretend you're camping and have a conversation with this couple. I would've passed if the damn couple wanted two sandwiches.
2. Sonic stepped on a bee yesterday. Naturally, he flipped out and wouldn't even let me touch his poor paw. I let him be and he licked his owee as he hid under the table. A half an hour later, I flipped the eff out when I saw that his face was swollen. I called Hubby in a panic and thought Sonic was dying right in front on me. We called the vet and she told us to keep an eye on him and luckily he survived his first and hopefully last battle with a bee. Poor guy. I let him eat a whole box of doggie treats. That should even things out.

3. I have a fear of security camera videos. Too many times, I catch that story on the news of a group of hoodlums who do something horrific and it was all caught on camera...lucky us. Oh, and don't forget scary movies that love to incorporate ghosts that suddenly appear on the little monitor there...eeeks! I would crap my panties. But someone sent me this and all hope was restored. I'd like to think that people catch more of this and less of hamburglar types.
4. Lastly, I read the most beautiful birth story this week. I think it's the most beautiful story I've ever read. Get ready to cry. This woman tells the story of the day she gave birth to her daughter who has down syndrome. Talk about heart-warming. Her words just cry through this blog post. Absolutely beautiful.


  1. Hello Joanna and greetings from California! I am a first time visitor. What an awesome blog. Personal, warm and well written. And great title, too. Very funny story on the Rosetta Stone. Language is difficult. It would help if life circumstances cooperated with our knowledge base. And great birth story of the baby with down syndrome. Thanks for sharing your happy stories.
    I write a blog about food but with my reflections on relationships, love, friendships and family. My version of my happy stories. Please visit. Maybe follow. That would be cool.

  2. Hahahaha I know all about Spanish when it comes to sandwiches too! I used to work at subway, and I learned enough over time to be able to make someones sandwich entirely in Spanish! At least you're trying though! Can you go back and take that test in the future to see how much you've improved? that would be kinda cool

  3. ahh your poor puppy! how is he doing today?? i would have freaked out too seeing a swollen face. i hope he is getting lots of love and kisses after being stung by a bee


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