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Baby Joaquin: 6 and 7 Month Update

My little Joaquinnie pants is now 7 months old.  These past two months have been so much fun for our little family because Joaquin has developed his little personality and has hit so many milestones. Right now, he is an adventurous baby boy. His favorite thing to do is crawl around the house following Sonic around. As you can imagine, Sonic does not approve of this, but he's a good sport about it and doesn't get mad but instead he rather calmly, yet irritatedly walks away. I'm always in close quarters just in case he decides to get crazy....and when I say he I mean both Joaquin and Sonic.

He also loves to navigate his way under, over, and through different things. Hence, this adorable picture with his playmat on his back. I don't know HOW he did this.

Other milestones include celebrating his first Mother's and Father's day,

riding on his first train,
going to the beach and the pool, lookin' all cool,

and being a big boy and feeding himself.

I'm just so proud of my smart baby boy. I can't get enough of him. I'm sure you can tell from the millions of pictures.

Here's a few other stats.

Size: He weighed in at 17 pounds during his 6 month check up. He has to be 18-19 now. He is wearing 9-12 month clothes now, mainly because he is in the 90th percentile in height.
Tall like Daddy!

Eating: I have been pureeing food like a maniac mom...a momiac. He's been eating sweet potato, zucchini squash, sweet peas, and bananas. We are limiting his fruits to one type a month  so he doesn't develop a sweet tooth and ditch his veggies. He still eats his brown rice cereal and I've put him back on baby oatmeal for breakfast. He is no longer allergic to the wheat. Yay!

Sleeping: UGH! The thorn in my sleepy paw. He is now back to waking up two times a night to eat. I've tried everything from giving him a pacifier to letting him cry (my heart can only take so much crying, you know.) and nothing but a bottle seems to work. I've done a bit of reading and all signs point to nighttime hunger. It stays consistent with his daytime feeding time frames, every  4 hours. He wakes up at midnight, then again at 4 am, then he wakes up for good at 6, but isn't hungry until 7. It's draining but Thank God I'm on summer vaction. Once, I brought him into bed with me at 6 in the morning and magically he fell back asleep. He has yet to do this again.

Next up: Summertime fun with Mommy! This might be the best summer yet.

Cooking Planit Review

The school year has come to an end and I'm beyond excited about it. I've been so pooped with teaching, mommying, and wife-ing. Busy busy busy. That's the name of the game. One thing that I've been pretty consistent with is cooking. I am happy to report that we've been eating out less and staying in a lot more. It feels good. However, meal planning, prepping, and cooking is hard work. Cue Cooking Planit.

Just when I was starting to lose momentum, I was contacted by Cooking Planit to review their app. They claimed that it would make my life a bit easier. I was more than game because I love to cook and I love things that make my hobby easier. So, I put it to the test!

What is it exactly?

Cooking Planit is a revolutionary cooking website/app that serves as "your own personal chef". It will help you make "a complete meal with everything ready at the same time." This is unlike any other recipe site that I've ever seen. When I peruse other sites, I have the added task of building my own meal whereas this website builds it for you.

My Favorite Features:
The ease of use
- Everything was pretty easy to navigate and it didn't take long to build a few meals for the week.

The recipe selection

- Recipes are easy to find on the internets, however, these recipes are tested by chefs so essentially you are getting cookbook quality recipes!

The "smart" grocery list

- After choosing my menu, the app automatically organizes a list of groceries AND it will jot down how much of an ingredient you will need for the week. For instance, if you need tomatoes in a few recipes, it'll tell you how many you need for all of them! Nice! I also liked how it organizes your groceries according to grocery aisle. If it had a delivery feature, I would marry this app. For Reals.

The built-in timers

- When the recipe says bake for 20 minutes, it will start the timer for you. If you need to boil veggies at the same time for 2 minutes, it will start another timer! It also adjusts the time if you are falling behind or if you are too overly eager and jump ahead. 

The talk feature 
-I don't know about you but I can get down and dirty in the kitchen. I get all up in there with my hands which cover cookbook pages with saucy fingerprints. No bueno. The app follows basic commands such as, "next step" or "go back"

Putting it to the test

I decided to make Bacon Wrapped Sea Scallops with a Parsnip Hash and Roasted Asparagus as my first Cooking Planit meal. I've never made scallops before so it was nice to have this helper in the kitchen. It was delicious and the directions were so simple and easy to follow that it felt like a seamless process. 

I also tried making one of their Quick Meals, the Parmesan Baked Chicken and Roasted Brussels Sprouts. It was indeed quick and Hubby asked me to put this in my regular meal rotation. 

Overall, this app is well thought out and perfect for a busy mom, an aspiring chef, or even a person who just wants to eat a good meal. I highly recommend this app!
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but these are my honest opinions about Cooking Planit. 

Goodbye, Class!

Dear Class of Room 105,

Today was our last day of school. I want you all to know, this year was a blessing to me. I was wobbling my pregnant body around the classroom during the fall, out on maternity leave during the winter, and a new frazzled mommy in the spring. You were all so patient and kind. You will never know how appreciative I am that for the most part, you were all well behaved and hardworking. You were a pregnant teacher's dream class. 

My fondest memory was our international potluck. We had spring rolls from Vietnam, special rice from Pakistan, pancit from the Philippines, and enchiladas, chorizo beans, pozole, and salsa from Mexico. I hope you will think about that experience fondly as well. 

Thank you for all of the great memories. I hope that one day, you will think about our days together and smile. You will always have a special place in my heart. 

Goodbye class... Work hard and make me proud. The world is waiting for you to shine!

With love, 
Mrs. V