Thursday Favorites! CooCoo for Coconuts!

Yesterday I had a TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY. Actually it was just my afternoon. I lost it.

But sometimes you gotta just bounce back to life. Fists tight, legs ready to kick some a**, KUNG FU STYLE.

I'm happy to report that today was a MUCH better day. I have wonderful family and friends who are the most supportive people I've ever met. They're the bra to my tiny boobs. Sorry...that was uncalled for.

Favorite #1- COCONUTS!

I really don't know where this love came from. It came all of a sudden and with a vengance.

My aunt thinks I could be pregnant... Mom, please don't call me about it... I am not pregnant.

Butter Coconut Cookies

Buttery with sweet coconut sugar sprinkled atop a crunchy cookie....DIVINE!
I have to take out only three, then quickly hide them in the cupboards.... or else I will eat them like potato chips.

NOM NOM NOM is an understatement.

Coconut Water

I gave into the fad of Coconut water. Why? Because it's health benefits out weight the fact that I'm a follower.

Here some of it's benefits:

1. Re-hydrates your body. ESPECIALLY good for after your workout.
2. Promotes Weight loss...and what woman (or man) doesn't like that?
3. Strengthens your immunity. GOOD-BYE germs!
4. Cleans out your digestive tract.... Time to stock up on toilet paper!
5. Has more potassium than a banana... for all of you who are like me and prone to toe cramps.
6. Clears your skin! Your face will be softer than a baby's bum...I've compared!
There are so many more! It's good stuff!

Favorite #2- Kettle Corn

Do you see the crazy in my eyes? Light heaven puffs of salt and sugar? C'mon.

Favorite # 3- Husbands

-Wife finds spider chillin' on the stove while cleaning. Husband kills it on sight. TOTAL= 10 Brownie pts.

-Wife is too tired to cook. Husband kidnaps wife and takes her to In-n-Out TOTAL=15 Brownie pts.

-Wife has a bad day and takes it out on everyone around her. Husband brings home flowers and kettle corn to tame the Bitch Beast TOTAL= a BAH-ZILLION Brownie pts.

**Chocolate Cookies were his favorite this week**


It's 9pm and I'm tired... but I'm off to make Carrot Cake Cookies. I will have good dreams tonight.

What is ONE thing you LOOOOVE this week?


  1. I love naps this week! I have been collecting them all week. They are amazing!

    Now I have go out and try finding some coconut water.

  2. I LOOOOOOVE puppy breath. Having a six week old puppy fall asleep on your chest and breathe out that precious puppy breath has GOT to be one of my favorite things. Glad your support, especially hubs, helped your day yesterday. Only one week until BUNCO, so that a good thing. Hang in there toots!

  3. ah, i'm sorry you had a bad afternoon! but i love the list of favorites! i agree on the kettle corn, it's freak'n DELISH!! i used to get the big bag at ocean beach pier during the summer at the farmers market...the fresh stuff is the best. omg so good.


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