Teacher Talk: The First Day of School

Whew! I made it through my first two days of school! I'm trying not to think about the fact that there are 178 days left of school...but who's counting?

I woke up bright and early yesterday and walked into my newly decorated classroom. (SO much better than before!)
I tried to make it not only enjoyable and inviting for them, but for me as well. I'm definitely a sucker for cute wall clothes!

I love my noise tracker! It sounds an alarm and flashes red when my students are not using their "inside voices."
"No Excuses, find solutions!"

And of course there is my little corner...my safe haven. The "Teacher's Desk."

My little bumble bee and my welcome plant. Both make me feel good just being there!

Can't forget my little Eeyore and Bumbles!

The first day went really well! My students are such sweethearts! And even though half of them don't speak a lick of English, most of them still laughed at my jokes. If that day was any indication of how my year is going to go, then it is going to be a GREAT year! I had such a rough bunch last year, I think The Lord really felt I needed a break! I hope I keep getting this:

Me: Does anyone have any questions? Any questions about what we talked about today?
Little Girl: ::Raises hand:: You're pretty!
Me: ::Heart melted, tears loaded, smile activated:: Thank you!

::le sigh::


  1. Wow! Never thought that I'd ever run into a teachers blog :) happy that I discovered yours! Will follow <3 I think that you've done a nice job with the classroom - it's so colorful! Ohh, wish we had a teacher like you to decorate our classrooms time ago.. ours never did :) xo

    - Urska @

  2. congratulations on making it through the first couple of days. and that little girl's comment? so cute!

  3. I'm so glad you had a great first day of school, you deserve it! Here's to a wonderful rest of your year!!

  4. This looks amazing, the first days are gone.
    Good luck :).

  5. Your classroom looks fantastic! What a sweet comment from that girl to start your year out right!!

  6. Well the great first days are always a good sign, aren't they? ;-)

    Anyway, it reminded me about those days when I was a teacher. But it was only for a few weeks.

    Anyway. I remember that girls really liked me and always paid me compliments. "You really have nice hair. I like your sweater. You are pretty. Can I draw you?" etc etc etc.

    It was so cute. :)
    It always made me smile :)

  7. I love that you're a teacher because I can express my gratitude towards all teachers through you. Seriously, I should really track down all of my teachers and thank them.

    I love that you put energy into decorating your classroom. It does look fun and inviting for both you and your students. I mean, if you have to be there all day, it should be almost cozy.

    Hopefully you and your new students have a memorable school year. xx

  8. Wonderful! Awesome!
    Good luck! ;D

  9. Your classroom looks great!!! I definitely want one of those noise trackers. It would have been especially helpful with my middle schoolers last year.


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