I got SKILLZ. 5K Number 2!

My title is not meant to make me sound like I'm bragging. It's an All 4 One song. If you don't remember, you gotstah go back to '94.... ::time machine time::

Man, these lyrics are great!
She's got the potion and the motion, to cure my ill. She's got SKILLZ!
Ha! I die.

So, why the HECK am I writing about one of the best boy bands EVER?
Stay with me and you'll soon see why.

The Race: Donate Life 5K Run and 1K Walk-Saturday April 30th, 2011

I joined Team Fountain this year to support my friend Crystal, whose father passed away last year.

She speaks so highly of him. I'm sure he was a wonderful man.

Do I look like a real runner with my running belt on?

The Course: The race was held on the Cal State Fullerton Campus. Such a beautiful campus!
We ran the blue course.

The Preps:
First off, The WIND. I woke up to Gale Force winds trying to bust my windows open. It sounds so violent and I'm not embarrassed to say I was "shakin' in mah boots!" or my house slippers.
To prepare, I made sure to wear my hair up in a stylish braid aka the I-didn't-wash-my-hair-for-a-couple-days hairstyle. It's practically wind-proof!

It's also a good hairstyle for keeping your bangs out of your Peanut Butter....because I eat like a 7 year old boy sometimes and find schmears of PB in my hair half way through my day.

Don't hate on my kid plate. Or I will retaliate. Ooooo! I got rhymes.

It's GO time!

Unlike my first race, I got to sleep in and rest pretty well. We left at 7:30 am and already Mr. Sun and Mr. Wind showed us that they were not going to be easy on us. But, Team Itchy Butts showed no fear!

We didn't realize how SERIOUS this race was going to be until about 5 minutes before Go Time. The announcement for "Racers to go up front" was followed by people  gettin' all CRAY CRAY!

See this older woman with the silver do? She proceeded to tap me on the shoulder and ask if I was a runner. Ummm HELLOOOO...don't you see my running belt and my calves of steel? Not to mention my iPod arm band with the terrible tan line underneath? Sheesh.... people can be so NOT observant.

Anyway, after I showed that woman who's boss, I listened to the smooth sounds of ALL 4 ONE. They sang the National Anthem a capella...and it was All that and a bag of chips! oh yeah, I said it!

Then it was Ready, Set, GOOOOOO!

This accidental release of balloons into the trees was followed by a lot of pushers and elbowers. These runners meant biz-nass!

Everything was going just fine until Mile 1. My breathing started getting very shallow, I was getting light headed and felt like I wanted to DIE! I kept going and tried my best to fight on....until I realized.....I was having a FREAKIN' Asthma Attack!

(This is a post race picture. See how my braid is fully intact? If you see me this summer, I'll be rockin' this hairstyle 6 out of the 7 days of the week.)

Sorry, back to me....

So, there I was, standing in the middle of the forest, face to face with a bear....oh wait, wrong story.

I could've killed myself when I realized I forgot to pump my inhaler before we started the race. I didn't want to tell T because she looked strong in her running zone at the time. But, The Lord was with me that day because the course ran through the parking lot AT THAT MOMENT! I gave in and told T and we took a little detour to my car.
I pumped and ran. T thought I was a maniac...and I agree.

We finished the race in about 38:00 which is less than our last run. We were so proud of ourselves! It felt amazing. We tell people we finished in 35:00 though and minus the 2-3 minutes we were at my car. DAMN ASTHMA!

We were so happy that we treated ourselves to two free hot dogs in the grass.

No, no...that's two hot dogs EACH.... running makes you HANGRY!

I was also pleasantly surprised and saw my two friends/former Hello Kitty co-workers Lizette and Jeanelle! Don't you love it when that happens.

T and I also made sure to stop backstage and say Hi to our buddies All 4 One.

Then we got on stage and helped them sing "I Swear." They loved our singing SKILLZ!
It was an awesome and rewarding day.

Answer me this:
  • Were you a fan of All 4 One?
  • What was your favorite song?
  • How was your weekend?


  1. I was so a fan.

    Weekend was good...busy but nice.

  2. Good job on your race! Congratulations! And finishing despite an asthma attack? I'm impressed!

  3. Congrats on the race - that is awesome! PS the All4One song - uhh brings back so many ridiculous memories - so thank you!!!!

  4. All4One was/is amazing. I Can Love You Like That was my soundtrack for years. As in, I just walked around singing it constantly.
    Great job on the 5k--glad you managed to swing by and grab your inhaler!!

  5. Hahaha throwback with the All 4 one! That's awesome! Good job on your race, you were a champ to power through while having an asthma attack, i'm glad you're okay and your car was nearby! I can attest to how HOT it was outside - and 90 degrees in OC today...holy moly :)

  6. Yay! Methinks it's time for a 10k!

    My weekend was filled with rugby watching, book festival visiting, the OC Half, and fro-yo.

    Do you puff before you run? I use my "rescue" one as a preventative one before I run and it seems to work. Not that I'm a doctor or am giving medical advice ;)

  7. I'm sit-dancing at my desk to this song now. ;)

    I had an awesome weekend in Disneyland, but you know that.

    Congrats on your 5K! I would love to run one soon! =)

  8. OMG who wasn't a fan of All 4 One! Is that really them? They look different.

    Congrats on your run! You're doing a great job! The running Gods must be so proud of you!

  9. I was a fan of All 4 One, and every time I hear their songs, I instantly feel nostalgic and daydream of our life in Germany!

    Great job on your run! ALWAYS carry your inhaler with you! I am always on Jojo's butt about that.

  10. I was a fan of All 4 One, and every time I hear their songs, I instantly feel nostalgic and daydream of our life in Germany!

    Great job on your run! ALWAYS carry your inhaler with you! I am always on Jojo's butt about that.


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