Cinco de Mayo and Favoritos de Jueves

That's May 5th and Thursday Favorites, for all you readers who forgot your High School Spanish.
Pop Quiz HOT SHOT: Donde es la biblioteca?

Although it is indeed Cinco de Mayo or as College-folk lovingly refer to as Cinco de Drinko, I did not make and will not make anything of the Mexican variety. This is shame for my Mexican Husband. I just don't feel that I could do justice to such a Holiday.
So instead, I will post a picture of a tortilla chip I found in my chip bag this week

I FOUND it like that, I SWEAR! And if you think that I'm crazy enough to nibble a heart-shaped hole into my snackage... thank you. I take that as a compliment because you must think I'm somewhat talented.

Speaking of talented, here are some bloggers who did take the time to make some Mexican food.....
Because I Mexi-can't. ::crickets::
Favoritos de Jueves:

OH MY GOSH! Oh Dios Mio! I'm going to be doing this all post so get used to it.

1. I've been eating up a storm lately. I used butter as a scape goat when finding the cause of my tight jeans and less bed space because of my bah-dunka-dunk, but I think it's because I've been indulging in a new practice in my life...

Desserts. I NEED to finish dinner with dessert now...and finish lunch with a morsel of sugarsomething...and finish breakfast with...I dunno... a Hershey's Kiss? (They're so small, I'm sure they are like air practically) Since it's a new month... I will be laying low on the sugar and butter intake. Keep in mind when rubbing this in my face this month, that I said laying low not, laying off.
2. Speaking of desserts that somehow qualify as legit breakfast items... I made this and I almost died of food-phoria. Or was it from stuffing too many of them in my mouth...I forget.
I tripped and fell into a rabbit blogroll hole and found this girl...who taught me how to make these wondrous Strawberry Scones. I want to give her a Thank you hug because she added something to my life. Isn't it weird when complete strangers do that to you? Everyday Heroes....Everyday Heroes.
These are just as good, if not better than the ones at Paris in a Cup.
I will be making these for my Beautiful Mother on Sunday.

I wish I were a mom so someone would make these for me.

  • What are your plans for Mother's Day?
  • Are you a Dessert fan?
  • Tell me one of your favorites this week.


  1. Whaaaat?! Those scones look crazy good. I might steal your idea and make some for my mama too. =)

  2. Those scones look delicious!
    I eat my gummy vitamins and vanilla calcium chews after my breakfast so I get something sweet after EVERY single meal. It can be done!!

  3. Those look really good!

    I love dessert, way, way too much.

    My mom is up North, so I'm off the hook on Sunday. I sent a card, though :)

    Favorite- The look of horror when the drug dogs came in to sniff backpacks today. It makes my heart happy.

  4. I've developed quite the dessert habit. Lunch and dinner, always. I probably should do something about it, but I've just been running more instead.

    Those scones look AWESOME!

  5. Well this mother's day I am lucky enough to get to spend it with your family. Which means lucky me... I get those yummy looking strawberry scones! Sadly I don't get to see my mom this year :( Well maybe over skype.

    I love desserts. I love making them almost more then eating them... I said almost!

    One of my favorites this week was getting you see you and your hubby!

  6. Those scones look like they are worth the tight jeans hahah!

  7. Those scones looked sooo good that I wanted to make them today, but realized I have baking soda, not powder... had to make cupcakes instead :(

    Hope you're Mom enjoyed the scones!

    And I love how you always find hearts in your food!

  8. So I tried making the strawberry scones and I must've done something wrong b/c they did not look a thing like yours... I had to keep adding flour. Hopefully the next batch will be better. Thanks for the recipe! =)


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