Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles

Hello Bloggerinos.

This post is going to take me a million years to complete. I let so much time pass that I forgot how to blog. I forgot how to type and I'm typing with a voice activated machine. It's not letting me say any bad words, so this will be boring. I'm just messing...It's letting me say all the bad words I want.

So, how do I come back to Bloggyland after a week long Hiatus? How'z about the best waffles you've ever had? I think THAT is very very appropriate for my return. I'm tellin' you kid...BEST waffles.

Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles- Pasadena, California

If you decide to come here...and I promise you it will be a good decision... you need to do some things to prepare.

1. Exercise. Make that heart of yours healthy for your upcoming butter and lard consumption. They ain't cookin' with no healthy oils. (I don't know why I had to grammatically butcher that sentence.)
I wonder if I could use this as a Lip Balm.
2. Come Hungry. I usually like to come here to introduce some friends to a good place to eat, or maybe when we are celebrating a special occasion like the fact that it's a weekday or a weekend, or if we're really feigning for some food for the soul...or soul food...which ever. We went to celebrate my Sister-in-law being such an awesome Softball pitcher.
So basically, you don't need to do much to prepare. Just exercise and come hungry. Burn a few then gain a few. That's pretty much my food/workout mantra.

The menu is pretty much reflective of something your Grandma from the South would cook up on a weekly basis...What? You don't have a Grandma from the South? Neither do I.... Roscoe's will take care of you.

Besides the Chicken 'n Waffles, they are also known for their mac n' cheese, that are so homemadely cheesy and will definitely make you feel like you're five again, their greens, which are smokey and count as a vegetable so you should add it on, and their cornbread, which is soft, buttery, and I want to steal their recipe.

I tried not to go crazy...and by crazy I mean getting a bucket of chicken (which they told me they do not have, so I'll be writing a complaint letter to the president soon.) and two waffles like Hubby. I settled for one and one...

Don't let this picture fool you. This waffle is a monster. Yes, I could've eaten more, but then I  would be a monster. This plate is called the "Carol C. Special" which comes with a "succulent breast, delicious waffle."  They should add the words "NOM NOM NOM" and " I think I'm in Love" to that description.

The chicken is indeed succulent and juicy. Not like KFC juicy, which is not really juicy, just fatty and oily. The flavor on it is perfect and not overly salty or overly anything really. I appreciate the breading to chicken ratio...mostly chicken and just the right amount of it should be! You can get it smothered with their amazing gravy as well...but I prefer it nekkid.

And then, there is the waffle. My boyfriend. If you told me to marry it I would... at the same church my Hubby and I got married which is literally across the street from this place. It's soft, buttery, has a salt kick that makes any baked good complete, and drizzle on some warm syrup and you got me swoooning.


The family loved it!
I love this meal so much, I recreated it for my last New Year's Party. It didn't come close to Roscoe's... I will never come close to that. I'm not a Grandma from the South.

 Now who will be my new friend that I will introduce Roscoe's too? Tomorrow is a weekday...and I think that calls for a celebration!! I'll be in the car waiting... call me.

  • I missed you! How are you?
  • Have you ever heard or tried Chicken and waffles?


  1. This looks amazing! Can you believe I live in Georgia and I've never had Chicken and Waffles? (ok, I have...just not together!)

  2. I've always wanted to go to a chicken and waffles place! Looks awesome! I love both those things, so I think it would be a quite delicious experience :)

  3. Roscoe's is the best! I love me chicken and waffles!

  4. Oh man, this sounds SO good. I have never had chicken and waffles and seriously, that needs to change! Looks like you had a blast :)

  5. I've never understood the chicken/waffle combo, but I like both. Do you use gravy or syrup????

  6. Hey toots! Glad to hear all is well! Roscoe's is delish!! I wish we had it over here, but sadly we don't.


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