Green Porkchops

Ello' Gov-nah!

Before you go screaming and running away because of my clever little title, I ask that you stay and see what this craziness is all about.

I've posted this recipe a long time ago, before I let my blog float around the internets publicly. Now, I post it one more time because this is a meal that needs to be recognized. It's so yummy delicious that you'll forget that there are secret veggies hiding behind the crunchy layer of breadcrumbs. Oh you sneaky Veggies, you!

WAIT WAIT! I begged you not to run away. And stop crinkling your nose like that. I promise you, this is worth your while! (Whatever the hell that means.)

Breaded Pork chops (with Broccoli Puree) 
6 boneless pork chops
1 cup of flour
2 egg whites
1 cup of broccoli puree
2 cups of Italian breadcrumbs
2 tbs of olive oil for frying
salt and pepper for taste

1. Start by steaming and  Magic Bulleting your broccoli.
Holla' if you love your Magic Bullet as much as I do! WHOOP WHOOP!

2. Let the puree mixture cool and scramble in the eggs. Let the Conga line begin! Cha cha cha.
3. Flour, Green, Bread (with salt and pepper), Repeat.
4. Fry for about 5-7 minutes on each side, depending on the thickness.
See, you can't even see the green that much.

The trick is to put something greener on the plate to make the pork chop look less green. Trick the mind and your brain wont even know the difference...Silly Brain.

Promise you'll give them a try and not discriminate based on the color of this porkchop's skin breading. And promise that we'll be friends forever. Ok?

  • Are you weirded out when your typical foods are a different color?
  • Do you think you'd ever try something like this?
  • How is your Monday going so far?


  1. Love this...what a sneaky way to get in the greens!

  2. Thanks so much for following my blog! I am following yours now too. Looking forward to sharing more great recipes :-)

  3. Oh, that sounds interesting! I've been super lazy in the kitchen lately, and I need some inspiration. Thanks!

  4. That looks delish...I will have to add that to list of items to try.

  5. I am totally trying this on fish! I want to try almond meal instead of breadcrumbs too - GREAT recipe!

  6. What a great idea! I love veggies (I am actually vegan) so I think sneaking them in anywhere you can is a great idea. : )



  7. these look so yummy,
    i've always loved the thought of green eggs and ham and don't think much bout color discrimination,

    nice post and happy monday !

  8. I'll have to try this recipe out one day since I'm a huge fan of broccoli.

    I'm not weirded out when typical foods are a different color. I think people need to incorporate more veggies/fruits in their diet. =)

    I had a really bad case of the Mondays... probably cuz I was hungover.

  9. I love the new blog header Joanna. Very cute!! I'm lovin the green porkchops...especially since they are green. My mom always taught me to embrace weird colored foods..they usually taste the best.

  10. Love this broccoli puree! Such a great idea. Looks delish.


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