Corona Farmer's Market

This was my first time going to a morning Farmer's Market...I'm in Love...oooo, I'm a believer. I invited my friend Christine to come along. We had lots of food fun!
Top Five Reasons why I Love the Farmer's Market:

1. Beautiful Fresh Produce- The selection is picture perfect...literally. I was going snap happy with my amateur photographing. The Farmers kept asking if I was a professional....why yes, yes I am. A professional eater... hahah ::knee slap::

Let me just say that this fruit was some of the best fruit I've ever had, except for the fruit from Maui. But that doesn't count because they have magic soil from which they grown their magical seeds.

2. Free Samples and giveaways- One of the best things about the people at Farmer's Markets is that they are very friendly. I could've stayed in their stalls and talked childhood stories and shared favorite recipes with them. I wanted to give them each a hug but they were "busy." So, I settled for their freebies instead, which is equally as satisfying.

3. New and exciting things- The last picture captured one of the best stalls there. The Hummus Guy. Now, I'm not quite sure what his name was, or what his business was called, but all I know is that he offered this glorious array of Hummus.
Need I say more? They were all so delicious. And his pita chip and pita bread selection was OFF THE HOOK! 3 items for $10...mix and match... Hum-a-nah Hum-a-nah HUMMUS!
I also tried new things in the produce department.

This Cherimoya fruit was something I've never heard of in my life. It was white and soft inside, like a banana. I could very much taste every fruit listed. It was good! But it wasn't take home good for me.

I especially loved all the Honey flavors. Lime, sour apple, clove, pina colada...they were all there.
**Random Fact** In college, I took a BeeKeeping Class. I tended to a hive, scooped honey right off of their honeycombs, and studied their bee dances. It was a hard class that involved a lot of math....I got a C.

4. Baked goods- Fresh cakes and carbs...Christine and I agreed that it was heaven.

These cakes were unbelievably moist and delicious. Christine and I were thoughtful enough to buy one for our Husbands as well...if they happen to not like the flavor we chose, we tried. And we'll just eat it.

5. Other knickity knacks- I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to spend all my money of food...or...
~Buy myself a cute new necklace...

~Buy myself an adorable new clutch...

~Or buy myself some flowers...
I refrained from these purchases and just spent on food....there's always next time.
Here's the loot:
All this for $15.00. All the vendors thanked us for supporting their little businesses....
No...Thank you Farmers, for supporting my love of food and my pocket book. Now do you have time for a quick hug?
  • Do you shop at Farmer's Markets?
  • What new and exciting food have you tried lately?


  1. My dad use to drag me to farmers markets all the time. I hated it. But now that I am older I'm glad I went and love farmers markets now. lol

  2. I need to get my butt to a farmer's market! I can't believe I haven't gone yet. All your stuff looks so great! And only $15?!?! That's awesome!

  3. Everything looks so wonderful! I haven't been to a farmer's market yet, this is making me plan a trip!

  4. Ron and I LOOOOVE shopping at Fullerton's Farmer's Market on Thursday Nites!! I'm excited to go this Thursday because we're going to start buying fruits to make homemade babyfood!!! It's small, but the fruit and veggies are GORGEOUS!! I also love the OC Marketplace in Costa Mesa, but I found a new gem in the Hollywood Farmer's Market!! When is the Corona Farmer's Market open?? I've lived in Corona all my life, but have never been to theirs!

  5. oh, what a great farmers market!!! i love all the beautiful produce! the farmer's market in my town starts in just three weeks! i'm so excited because i can even walk to it!

  6. Yum, this market looks absolutely AMAZING.

    I do shop in a market. There is one shop where all the produce is organic - I have a feeling though that they get it from around the world which I don't particularly like. I want local and organic! I'll never be satisfied.

  7. Farmers markets are the best! They don't start here until June or July- you'll have to enjoy those strawberries enough for the two of us :)

  8. I love going to Farmer's Markets. The one Thursday nights in Redlands is AWESOME! The hummus guy is my fav as well. LOVE the new look of the blog. :-)

  9. Farmer's Markets are WONDERFUL! Great photos of some good looking food and goodies!! :)

  10. This looks like a great farmers market! We have a really good one here in Charlottesville every Saturday and I love going whenever we are in town.

  11. My favorite thing about farmer's market is the colors. Every is so vibrant. The problem is that I want to buy everything.

  12. I've shopped at a few farmer's markets, and I'm always partial to the peaches. :) I haven't tried anything new and adventurous yet. I'd like to try some great Indian food soon. Let's go!

    Is that the butter rum cake? Jojo just bought some at her farmer's market the other day and it was unbelievably melt-in-my-mouth gooooood!


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