Call Me Puff

Last week, I opened my freezer to take inventory of my food before I went to the grocery store. This practice is what us adults call ::air quotes:: trying to use what we have FIRST. And when I call myself an adult I mean I have way too many responsibilities and can no longer play house with my friends at the playground (Some girls always wanted to be the mommy. I always wanted to be the cat.) And when I say looking in the freezer, I mean I was looking for Ice Cream.

Anywho- there is a point to this story I promise. Under the frozen ::enter random food item here:: I was delighted to see I still had my puff pastry dough. Talk about striking GOLD!

I gathered up anything I could find to roll up in this biatch and found these gems.

Project Wifey Wife Week 15- The Sweet
Sweet and Salty Puff Daddy Pastries

Full sheet of premade puff pastry
generous tub of Hazelnut Spread (Nutella would be dreamy in this)
crushed pretzel sticks

It can't get any easier than this my friends.

Seriously, Sonic could do this if he had clean paws.

If I can do it... you can do it. And if not, I don't know how you're navigating your way through the internets.

I love how anything you make with Puff Pastry is like an ugly duckling....shriveled and oddly shaped.

But THEN, lo and puffs into a beautiful swan.

or Food Alchemy.
Apparently, it is Salt and Sweet Day because these lovely bloggers also did recipes that were just that! Except theirs looks more polished and put together...

Tell me blog friends:
  • Are you a sweet and salty fan?
  • What is your easier than pie recipe?
  • Post a link and share with everyone!!!


  1. Ooooh, haaaa that looks so good. Mmm go to salty sweet would have to be a block of chocolate chip cookie dough mushed into a cake pan. Sprinkle of nuts(mushed into them) and then whip up a brown box mix. Sprinkle on the peanutbutter chips to the cookie dough and then dump on the brownie mix. Cook and serve. Heaven.

  2. What a great idea! I've never done anything with puff pastry because it irrationally scares me, but that looks so easy! I also LOVE sweet and salty. Thanks for the idea :).

  3. This is perfect! I love making cinnamon sugar rolls like this so chocolate and pretzels would be PERFECT!

  4. Friend, these look unbelievable!!! Genius idea, I can't wait to try it! Thanks so much for your sweet shoutout :)

  5. Yum!! Those look great. We have some puff pastry just waiting to get used up. I love the swirly design too :)

  6. You had me at nutella! Turned out very pretty, I've never used puff pastry but it looks like fun- add fillings and GO!

  7. wowwwieee I've never baked sweets with puff pastry! this looks amazing! mmmm it's like magic, the pastry gets pretty after it's baked.

    Hmm I'm not sure if you'd consider this easier than pie, but I think it's quite easy to make! my protein pineapple cake :)

  8. The only way I'll eat pretzels is with chocolate!

  9. Yes, I'm a huge sweet and salty fan! I actually had chocolate covered pretzels this past weekend. That recipe looks amazing toots!

    I don't think I have an easier recipe unless it's out of the box. =X

  10. Hahaha so true. I always feel so discouraged when I look at an "un"puffed pastry..what the hell I'm making?..then suddenly out comes the puffy beauty. I am definitely a sweet and salty gaL.

  11. PLEASE make these for me one day soon! I am a sweet and salty fan.. anything sweet actually for this sweet tooth!


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