A Little Bit in Love with You

I am currently listening to her CD on repeat. Feel free to listen while you read. Can't speak for her, but I don't mind if you multi-task.

I wish I were a hot girl lead in my very own band. Oh, and I'll attach scones to every CD I sell. That'll gain the fans! FOR. SURE.

This week I am also loving childhood treats that I used to eat in Germany. I found this at WorldMart. I nearly peed in my pants when I saw these. Just like a little kid again....ahhh memories.

If you like Nutella, you'll LOOOOVE this. There's Nutella inside. And it's what's inside that counts. Right?

I'm almost done with Funny in Farsi. Is it funny? YES. Do I love it? YES. It's a quick and easy read. Why is it taking me so long, you ask? Well, stop asking questions....::Stephanie Tanner Voice:: "How RUDE."

As I finish that book, I'm having an affair with this book. And my Husband is having an affair with this game. Don't worry, we love each other A LOT. Except for the hours we are spending with our new game and our new book. We have that understanding that makes for a perfect marriage.

Bare Minerals Foundation-I am loving that I can sleep a bit longer in the morning. This product allows me to do that...no it really says "Joanna, I'm allowing you to take an extra 5 minutes. You're going to have a tough day."
This is makeup for Lazy Girls. Or guys, too I guess...
via InStyle
Impromptu Sushi nights. I told Hubby I had a hard day at work and the only cure is some kind of Salmon Roll. He believed me. And I don't feel bad for lying.

My purse hanging thingy- Girls' best friend for SHEEZE. No more holding my purse awkwardly as I try to eat dinner, then ever so gracefully dripping mizithra pasta into my one and only Coach purse. It's hanging there, like a pretty little Christmas Ornament. I like.

Wow, I had a lot of favorites this week. 
  • What are you loving this week?
  • What books are you currently loving? 


  1. Bossypants looks like a good read. Tina Fey is a funny woman.

    I'm really loving my student's awesome behavior this week.

    I am going to start the first of The Mysterious Benedict Society series. :)

  2. I love Hanuta so much, but I find it so hard.

  3. Hanuta is amazing! My faves are the Kinder Bueno chocolates but I haven't found them in America yet.

  4. I can't get enough Pirate's Booty this week. I haven't been buying it lately for some reason, and now I've been diving in head first :)

    That nutella creation looks amazing!

  5. So let's see: You started off metioning the fab Lykke Li (I love Dance, Dance, Dance), and then nutella and nostalgia, which are two of my favorite things. I had nutella for breakfast and here's the kicker: I got a little verklemp when I saw a Stephanie Full House book in a charity shop ( I read the whole series btw!). And you capped it all off with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Bossypants! We must be long lost twins:) This is the best post EVER! xx

  6. I agree- separate hobbies are good for a marriage- as long as they're legal and kept in check.

    This week I love reading all the sweet message my kids wrote in my yearbook and the fact that my gym is open their remodel!

  7. Super cute post!! Lots of little updates. I love those purse things too - my friend had one and it was called a "Finders Kee-Purse" or something cutesy like that! :D

  8. I think you have money making idea this a scone/cd combo.Haahah I love it! This week I'm loving the band phantogram. So good!

  9. How amazing is this purse hanger?!?!? OMG, I've never thought about it, but it's handy! X

    P.S. Please visit my blog, I'm having a giveaway!


  10. lovely post! Like your fav...on my bedside table is sitting a copy of "50 secretes of longevity!

  11. I am dying over those nutella filled cookies/ wafers! Ohhh biscuits and nutella, yum yum yum!

  12. Aww, I have a purse holder too and it's from hawaii! Yours is super cute!

    I've been reading the Languages of Love that a friend let me borrow - you'd enjoy it.

  13. A little bit is such a great song...I had an addiction to it a few years back after visiting miami! Purse clips = pure genius. I mean, how could I let my precious $19.99 purse from target touch the dirty floor ;)

  14. Bare Essentials is my favorite foundation ! I love that it's barely there :)

  15. Wait. Why is bare minerals for lazy girls? I am lazy too! I want 5 more minutes. What's it do??
    I LOVE love my purse hanger too!
    Reading Water For Elephants right now. Book nerds are so hawte :)


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