Ms. Baby Runner McGee

Happy Monday! Hope your day didn't suck! :)

I'm a baby runner. I define that as someone who is just starting to run. Just like a baby, I'm wobbly on my feet, stumbling on my runs (hypothetically), and most importantly, crying and sobbing all the way home. Can someone call the WA-MUBLANCE?

I am now obsessed with the blog world and the blogs I do read (and LOVE) are of woman slash heroines who have just signed up for their um-teenth marathon. I, on the other hand, have yet to run a full mile without complaining of cramps or itchy butts. (Yes, my butt cheeks get itchy when I run because the blood is circulating like it's never circulated before.) Can someone, anyone please tell me they have heard or even have this?

Anywho, so why am I doing this? Why do I want to, so desperately, want to become a runner? Especially when it hurts so good? Well folks, it's the control, it's the sense of accomplishment, and it's the sheer enjoyment of knowing, I did that! I ran.

I was that girl in High School who walked the track as the  PE coach yelled "RUN Joanna! RUN!" No, it wasn't because I was chattin' it up with the girls, it's because my body was telling me " For the love of PETE, stop stop stop!"

I want to show that "High School me" that I can do it. I want to go from rags to riches in a sense.  I want a movie to be made about my struggles getting to the top.... ok, not really.

My Baby Runner plan: (Because you GOTSA have a plan!)

-Commit to a 3 a week training walk/run. I'll be using The infamous Couch to 5K plan.
Now to be honest with you, this has been a CHALLENGE. But If I have to train at Week 1 for more than a week, then so be it.

-On my "off days" I'll be spending some quality time with this chick. Sonic too I guess.

- I will blog my failures and successes. I think it's important to do this because I hope to have supporters who can lift me when I'm low and encourage me through it all.

Baby Runner Gear:

- Running Jackets

It's a comfy but nippy 60 Degrees when I run in the afternoons. I love my Nike sweater and can we take note to the thumb holes! GENIUS!

- Fitted Running Pants

I have a confession to make. I run with Yoga pants. I understand that the cotton doesn't absorb sweat well, and yes, I understand that they aren't meant for running, but they're cute and comfy.

I just got these yesterday though and what a difference! I lub them! Stretchy and HEY whaddya know? No itchy butt.

- Nike Sensor for the ipod

I really love this! It keeps me on track by talking in my ear and whispering sweet running nothings in my ear. Note to self: buy a sensor holder.

This keeps track of your time, distance, average mile time, and syncs with your music!


- New Balance Running Belt

I dig this, but it can get annoying. If I don't tighten it enough, it bounces. If I tighten it too much, I cut all circulation in my stomach. I also dislike the water bottle. He leaked on my stuff. He's in a time out in the cabinet for the week.

However, I like how it holds my keys and water if I do need it.

-The correct running shoe

I went to a Foot Solutions near my place to get a full diagnostic on my feet. Apparently, I walk with my weight to my right and in a way that makes my back hurt. I have mild scoliosis so I needed a shoe with really good arch support!

They recommended these and so far I love them! And look, baby blue! ::swoon::

-A Running Buddy

I have the best running buddy a baby runner can ask for. We have tons to talk about, we push each other, we suffer and complain with each other, and we have fun. If you can get one of these, it'll be the ultimate running accessory! Thanks T!

I'll keep you posted on my progress friends!

I saw this on a tweet... "Run like you stole something." I will.

Any other Baby Runners out there? And for your Big kid runners, any tips for us NEWbies?


  1. My favorite topic- I can't resist :) While I'm definitely not a veteran runner, I've learned lots since starting.

    1. When you're ready for a new hydration belt, check out Nathan's double bottle one- the two smaller bottles make it a little more balanced.

    2. Get a Runner's World subscription. I almost like it as much as In Style now.

    3. Good socks are great.

    4. Bribe yourself- pedicures got me through lots of miles in the beginning.

    5. Set "goals" on the Nike+ website that you track your censor with.

    6. Sign up for a tougher race that's a ways out to make you stay motivated (I signed up for my first half marathon (R&R Vegas) 11 months prior, when I could only run 3 miles. Between the sign up time and Vegas, I did two other halves. You'll be surprised how much your endurance kicks in after a few months).

    Yay! Have fun!

  2. Joanna, I love this.

    I was a baby runner once upon a time... until high school field hockey FORCED me to run a timed 2 miles.

    then, after I was done with my organized athletics.

    THEN, I learned that I absolutely love doing it for myself.

    yes, I've had the itchy butt syndrome (totally normal!), and I'm training for my third half marathon.

    you're on your way, girl! way to go!

  3. ahhh I am so excited for you :)

    I love that you are starting to run!!

    Tips! I have tons of them!!!!

    :) I wanna share them ALL with you!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you like the Jullian Video :)

    btw; love your blog :)

  4. ohhhhhhhh I was a baby runner too ;)

    i never ran in PE partly because I was overweight :(

    Now I run half marathons. Running my 7th this weekend!!

    I am so excited for you. I know you can do it!! If you ever need anything let me know, I thnk we are close proximity of each other :)

    I am so excited to read about your journey :)


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