Butter Weight

Me: I wonder if I could fit into my Wedding Dress.

::In unison, with urgency and desperation in their voice...::

Husband and My Own Mother: NO! Don't! You'll rip it.

Women who have been married for 20 years often say, "Gee, I wish I could fit into my wedding dress."
I've been married for 6 months. I wish I could fit into my wedding dress.

I guess I should lay off the butter for awhile. People are starting to notice.


  1. Ahhhh no! haha! I definitely have not tried to fit into my wedding dress. I was seriously 15 lbs lighter at my wedding...I would absolutely rip it now!

  2. I haven't actually thought to bring out my dress -- probably because I don't know where it is. =( I'm actually more fit now than I was then, but still the same size. So it would be interesting to see if it fits better now (it was a little tight back then!)

    And BTW, butter rules.

  3. You shouldn't have done it. Butter is the best...don't do it.

  4. No comment b/c you still look FABULOUS to me! Keep the butter, chocolate, cake, steak, hamburgers coming! We only live once right?!? =)

  5. Haha, too funny! Butter > fitting into a dress you never need to wear again!

  6. Your dress is beautiful! And you look great- anything you've added is all muscle due to running. Get it cleaned and packed away so you're never tempted to check ;)

  7. As if! You look as beautiful now as you did on your wedding day and even before then! :) Your butter consumption IS helping you, see? ;) No need to try on the dress, you've already made that gown look extra gorgeous!

  8. No worries, you look great! Oh and your wedding dress is beautiful!

  9. Joanna! Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I am floored by the support and awesome people i've (virtually) met through the blogging world :) I have been prying around on yours --- too cute and I love how you are finding a healthy balance in life! Oh, and the fact that we are both So-Cal girls is rad to! I'll be following!


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