Baby Runner turned Toddler Runner

Happy Monday everyone...Monday's can be Happy right?

I have an announcement...I have grown up as a runner. I believe in my heart of hearts (what the heck does that mean?) that I have sprouted from a Baby Runner to a Toddler Runner.

Lookit how much I have grown... come down memory lane with me...

GOOD-BYE Itchy Butts and a Tantrum of Tears:

Tis true... I used to have itchy thighs, and buns when I started running. If you look back at my Baby Runners Post, my blood was pumpin' so hard it made my skin itch. Disgusting? A tad.

And I was a constant complainer.... Aa, My buttcheeks itch. Ee, I have a cramp. Ii, my boogers are dripping out of my nose. Oo, I can't....breathe. Uu, Can I just lay here for 10 more minutes?

I am going to invent a Runner's Pacifier for fellow complainers like me....don't steal my idea or I will break your face!

HELLO Shin Splints and Breathing Rhythms

Now that I am a Toddler Runner, I find myself having more serious injuries like Toe Cramps and Shin Splints.
My Solution? STRRETCH! Oh HURTS SOOOO gewd! Here is a website of some stretches that will get your goose so loose!

Click ME for some loose goose moves.

Instead of complaining (all the time) I have learned to drown out my woes with music:
Workout Playlist:
1. Lykke Li- Dance Dance Dance
2. Florence and the Machine- Dog Days are Over
3. Black Keys- Your Touch
4. Rage Against the Machine- Bulls on Parade
5. Tribe Called Quest- Check The Rhime
6. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Heads will Roll
7. Brazillian Girls- Tourist Trap
8. Hot Hot Heat- Touch You Touch You
9. Rapture- Sister Savior
10. Santigold- Creator
**Try Youtube-ing these'll like 'em!**

I've also been trying to get my breathing just right.... in through the shnoz, out through the mouth.

I said I would try my darnedest to try to commit to a 3 days per week training schedule and I'm proud to report that I've been on the ball with that one. T and I have been trying our best to run every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I even signed up for :

It's like a FaceTwitter for Runners! Add me! I'm only one week in and don't expect me to be all dope yet!

And as for races, I've committed to two. One this month, and one next. I pray that this time I will not get toe cramps and will be able to finish my first 5K! Pray for me please!!

I'm going to make it...mark my words...I'm going to MAKE IT!

Now tell me, Do these Running pants make my butt look fast?

Are you a runner? What was your journey like? Did you have itchy butt?
Comment below, I'd love to know!!


  1. I'm not a runner, but now want to try to see if I too will get itchy butt.

  2. Good job! I actually saw a post somewhere about itchy butt syndrome recently and I thought of you, haha! There's a rumor going around that the Vegas 1/2 Marathon in December is going to be at night- keep training and join me!

    By the way- I saw on your post on my blog that there's a 500 Days tour. What? Really?

  3. I've ran here and there but I do not actually know about the itchy butt syndrome! But (Ha!), now I'm intrigued!

  4. Hehe cute blog and post girlie!! :D When I used to run, I got itchie thigh syndrome!!!!!!!!!! the thought of it gives me shivers haha.

  5. that's awesome! I THOUGhT you were from Cali! me too! And you've been to places I've been to, and we're not too far from each other? I'm in OC. And you? :)

  6. Yay for moving on to the next step of running! I'm sooo proud of you! I know I started running when we were in college and ran around the entire school in the wee early morning before other kids would see me - no real injuries (knock on wood) but as a child I had asthma so running was always out of the question. I love running and I'm glad you're enjoying it! =)

  7. yay for getting to the next stage of running; that's awesome!

    i've been blessed that i never had the skin irritations or muscle crazy problems, other than the ones i inflicted on myself. i know you can get through it!

    and i added you on dailymile! can't wait to see you run in those races!

  8. Looking good in your running pic! Congratulations, graduate! I have HHH and BG on my playlist, too! Local Natives and Band of Skulls are good to run to, also. :)


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