My Swedish Weekend

This weekend, I read this...

I finished it in a week. I loved it!! Very, edge of your bed, I read 20 pages and didn't even realize it, WTF, type book.

I ate this...

I craved it because of this girl! She made me realize that life is too short and I should eat more candy.

And I also went here with Hubs...

(Not this EXACT one....we went to the Covina one. Either way...this place is a maze of beautious home magic. I want that...and this...and that... and when we get a new house I want it to look just like this one! OOOOooo....aaahhhh! And I can play in the kitchens for hours.

Buuut..Hubs and I decided to fix up our office finally. My blogging time was cramping his facebook/work/music video/boy stuff time. I love the long desk look and convinced him that this would be best.


I still had Wedding crap EVERYWHERE. Yes, I understand that the wedding was almost 5 months ago. I'm a lazy soma-beetch.

When Hubs moved in, we had two computers in here, two screens, and a whole lotta JUNK! Then, a horrible tornado came in and woooshed it all astray. PROMISE! ::hangs head in shame::


Hubby put the shelves up all by himself!! I got myself a handyman! HUBBA HUBBA!

Where is all the junk you ask? Well, FYI, nobody is allowed in our guest room until further notice.
See, what had happened was, a terrible tornado hit our downstairs bedroom and left a horrible mess...SWEAR!

How was your weekend? Comment below! I would love to know!


  1. Your office LOOKS AMAZING!!! Yay for more candy!!! I am so happy you had swedish we just need to eat them together as we are watching a chick flick! I didn't know that you were born in Germany...that is so cool. I am going to send you some german chocolate cupcakes:) PS the gummy bears from Germany are THE BEST EVER!!! You are motivating me to reorganize my office:) Have an amazing day!

  2. What a coincindence...I just watched the movie with subtitles and all! The book is next to my bed: unopened. After reading your review, I definitely will have to read the book now.

  3. ahhh! i love it :) IKEA is amazing !! iplus your swedish fish are yummmmy! and i love the book! soo good!

  4. haha...i have a Swedish friend who buys his groceries from IKEA, who knew it was that authentic?? :p

    anyway, just found your blog and wanted to say hello! i hear great things about that book too, should really pick it up sometime!

  5. Are you excited for the American version of the film? I heard the director is changing the ending, supposedly for the ending. I'm skeptical- he's a good director, but I'm kinda anti-messing with books!

    Ikea is so much fun- have you seen 500 Days of Summer when they run around the place and play house?

  6. I love the new look! Great job to the both of you! Sooo where do I get to sleep since the guest room is pre-occupied? LOL!

    I spent the weekend bedridden, but caught up on movies such as Toy Story 3, Revenge of the Bridesmaids, The Girlfriend's Boyfriend, About a Boy - netflix is a great friend when your sick.


  7. The office looks great, but made me think of a school computer lab. :-) You'll always have that bit of teacher in matter what! I had a great weekend because my brother was out from Indiana and he stayed over and we talked WAY into the morning. Love having a brother I never had. Have a great Tuesday and remember to breathe!

  8. Too funny! I'm using Sue's computer, so it logged me in as her. Oh well, it's really Crystal. :-)


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