Cranky McCranky Pants and Thursday Favorites

Uggghhhh....I tried to stay healthy and "cold virus" free for several months now.
I've been lucky...until now.

It hit me like the plague....Gosh I hope it's not the plague.

I'm on DAY TWO of staying home sick from work. I feel kinda guilty, then I cough up a lung and feel better about the situation.

What people REALLY do when they are at home sick...
1. Whine like the biggest most annoying colicky baby that ever existed. I found myself moaning and groaning all day...even though Sonic was the only one home, I still felt the need.

2. Act like a baby and hope to God that your husband knows what to do with you. Imagine me, fetal positioned on the couch, with my hair lookin' like Toucan Sam made a nest on the top of my head, and dried up snot bubbles on my nose, crying while my husband rubs my back praying that I just get better so I can stop complaining.

I don't know what this baby is saying, but I hope it's funny.

Truth be told, I need my mommy. I need her to SHMEAR Vicks on my chest and back, check my temperature with the back of her hand to my forehead, make me her noodle soup, and whisper in my ear, "go back to sleep."

Favorite #1:  Vicks VapoRub-
Can't get enough of that cool menthol Eucalyptus smell...Feelin' all Koala Bear and stuff.

3. Roll your eyes when yet another person advises you to "Make sure you drink lots of liquids." Umm... I think that's like Cold Virus 101. I know you're right.... I will drink more water. But
Riddle me this: How am I supposed to rest if I have to get up every 15 seconds to pee?

Favorites #2- Triple Echniacea Green Tea
I usually drink this at the first signs of Virus monsters, but I ran out this time.

4. Imagine how NICE a shower would feel. That's pretty much the extent of that one. I didn't have enough energy to scrub my stinky self. Not even Sonic wanted to sit with me tonight. But thank goodness for lazy people products!

Favorite Number #3- Dry Shampoo
Spray it, Gzhhhugzhh it, and hope for the best before hubby gets home.

5. Netflix Documentaries, Lifetime movies, and Reality TV.
When you're sick you need to rest your brain. So, you might as well watch as much trash as you can right? It's not like you'll remember anything tomorrow, what with being DRUNK off of Nyquil and all.

I watched:
Solitary Confinement Don't ask me why. I just happen to like watching Prison stuff.
People are CRAY CRAY!

Babies  I kinda want a baby now....kinda not really.

Jersey Shore Again...people are CRAY CRAY!! Sammi and Roni need to BREAK UP already!!

Chopped All-Stars: I want to be a Chef that could make a gourmet dish out of Steak, fruit loops, and Capri-Suns as the Mystery Ingredients.

6. Naps. They're totally underrated and I vote for the USA to adopt Siestas!
Who's willing to sign my petition?

It's time for me to get into my Pajamas....oh wait, I never got out of them...SCORE... and take another shot of Nyquil.

We Gonn' party tonight Sandman!!

What is part of your Sick Time Routine?


  1. I don't know if this post is the Nyquil...but are cracking me up tonight. Loving it!

    Okay useless sick advice...that I live by and it involves your favorite...Vicks vapor rub. Put it on your feet before you go to sleep and put on big fuzzy socks. When you sleep and your feet sweat...or heat up the Vicks magic will surround you in a blanket of magic. It is a true science miracle.

    The more I read your blog I think we are related...I could watch Netflix documentaries for the entire weekend. Because it ROCKS!

  2. Haha I watched that Solitary Confinement documentary too..I don't know why but I am fascinated with prison documentaries.

  3. I always always stay in my pjs!! And drink lots of herbal tea with lemon essential oil and honey from switzerland. I also sleep tons, watch movies, and just meditate (complain in my head.ha)! Foot rubs are great too...

  4. haha i call Chris cranky mccranky pants sometimes! Great sick advice :)

  5. Vicks and Nyquil are my all-time favorite sick friends. So is Netflix (I want to see Babies super badly!). Speaking from experience - I desperately need to invest in that dry shampoo.

  6. Your routine sounds similar to mine! Netflix, Lifetime shows, and Chopped and no shower! =D


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