Crockpot o' Gold

When I was a first grade teacher, I would come in early on St. Patty's Day to make a special surprise for my little cuties.

I would spill crayon cups from the writing center, make the numbers on the calendar all Topsy- turvy, strategically tip over random desks, hide chocolate gold coins in their pencil boxes, and make a green and gold glittery trail of "Leprechaun Dust." I made them "help" clean up, but I just watched mostly.

He is a little trouble maker after all....

This picture is funny. But if he were found in a First Grade classroom, he'd be considered a very very bad man.

This year, I don't have that chance to make little kids think that a tiny green monster wrecked the classroom. So, I celebrated early.

Celebration Numero UNO at BUNCO!!!!!

There were tables of green, decorated with beaded necklaces, clover this and that, and snacks....glorious and delicious snacks!

Oh the SNACKS!!

And you can't have Bunco without DRANKS!

No drinks for you Jilly-Poo!

And no more for these Crazy gals!


And food made by Crystal! So delish! ( The food was Delish, not Crystal. She could very well be, though)

Corned Beef, cabbage, carrots, and po-tats, and Irish Soda Bread...Hell YEA!

So tonight, I celebrated St. Patty's day with my Hubs. I made Crystal's Corned beef.... wowee!

Project Wifey Wife-Week 12: The Savory
Crockpot Guinness Corned Beef

4lbs Corned Beef Brisket
4 cups brown sugar
Packet of seasoning (It comes with the beef! YAY!)
2 cans of Guinness Beer

1. Start with a rub down. Rub the beef with the brown sugar and seasonings.

::Bow Chicka BROWN COW::

2. Drench that bad boy with TWO cans of Guinness....

**Careful not to accidentally on purpose pour some in your mouth. **

3. Cook on LOW in your crock-pot/ magic meat maker for 8-10 hours. You can add the veggies during the last two hours of cook time.

4. And at the end of the Rainbow...there is always a Crock Pot of Beef...

Or something like that....

How do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Do you remember the fun things you did in Elementary School?

Comment Below, I'd love to know!


  1. That party looked like fun :) What a good idea to have friends over for the holiday feast! There are always sooo many leftovers in my house.

  2. Glad you tried the recipe. Hope Hubs liked it. Oh, and thanks for the HUGE laugh with the great leprechaun picture. I needed it! :0)

  3. I braised my corned beef in Guinness too! Mine didn't come with a spice packet unfortunately, but with the Guinness and veggies, it didn't even need it! Looks like a great feast!

  4. awww how cute are those!!! hahaha that picture is sooo funny~very bad boy!

  5. Looked good Joanna! I tried Guiness Stew at Kilarney's at the Plaza and it was mush! Yours looked great!


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