To Be (a Chef) or Not To Be (a Chef)

If you follow me on Twitter, then you've already heard about my dilemma... this fork in the road that my game of Life car (with the cute little pegs) has come to. I am torn, confused, and on my knees asking The Lord to show me what he wants for my life.
This is the look of both confusion and fear.
The Back story: As you already know, I am a teacher. A primary teacher at heart. (I love K-3rd grades) I taught first grade for about 5 years and it was in my last two of those years where the Education Roller Coaster took me on an emotional ride, complete with birds hitting me in the face, Fabio Style. California made its decision....There was no more room for Education in the budget. I say, who the hell needs schools anyway?
This ridiculous move by the Governator  forced me to move up into high school. I really enjoyed the lighter work load and my "grading papers free nights" but the horrible behavior of the stinky teenager boys took a toll on me and made me LOATHE teaching all together.

This year will be my THIRD time being laid off. I'm exhausted and sick of being slapped around like some hood rat. The chances of my getting my job back is pretty good....but do I want it back?

The NOW Story: With the uncertainty of the situation at hand, I decided I needed a safety net. I wanted a Happy Safety Net. I didn't want to apply for some hum-drum type of job, I wanted something that I would LOVE. So, I applied to Le Cordon Bleu in Los Angeles.


I start in August...but is THIS what I really want? If you know me in real life, you know that my passion for food is alive and thriving. But something is roping me back to teaching.... I can't get away from it.
If I stay a teacher.... job security is next to nil (for now). If I become a chef, who knows if I'll have job security at all.  I am struggling to find where I'm supposed to be.

The Future Story: ...?

  • Have you ever had to make a career decision like this?
  • How do you cope with worry and stress?


  1. I had a very similar situation. I was teaching for 4 years at a school in the ghetto. Breaking up fights daily, worry about the student's home life and volunteering for everything took a toll. I left but because of finances came right back. I went to school and got my MBA in marketing while I continued to teach. I planned on leaving but wanted a safer way out. In my very last semester I took an apprenticeship with a travel company. It I hadn't gotten my MBA, hadn't gotten the internship then I would have never gone to Africa. I would have never found out how passionate I really was about teaching.

    I say jump. If you don't it will always be the thing you never did for yourself. Do it!!!!

  2. How amazing! I definitely am giving you props for doing this. I career-switched from social work to teaching, which was scary. Unfortunately, I haven't found that passion in teaching yet that I know I have deep down (probably with K-3 grades as well).

    I think it's so smart thinking about a safety net! And why not try it?! Even if you did one semester and hated it, at least you would have tried. Good luck making the decision! I hope you do find what you're looking for :)

  3. My job is ending in a few months, and I'm having to deal with the "what's next?" question as well. It is scary, and I don't always handle stress very well. But I honestly believe that my path will eventually be clear, and I'll end up where I'm supposed to be. You will too!!

  4. Do what is best for you.

    You might find that you get a teaching job before your school start date. OR You can always go back to school regardless of your job opportunities. School will always be there.

    IF anything, you can go to LCB then become a culinary teacher! kekeke

    Good luck, and que sera sera

  5. I just want to say FOLLOW YOUR PASSION!! Things have a way of working out. I just turned 30 and have been doing fine in the exec admin/HR/office environment field but now that hubby has graduated I'm finally going to get the chance to go to school and pursue a career I am EXCITED about and I can't wait to start! I hope you find peace in your heart, whatever your decision may be! :)

  6. I know how hard this is Joanna. It is that love that drives us. Even though the kiddos are why we do this crazy job, it is ourselves we have to nurture. Becoming a chef doesn't mean you can never teach. Your credential will always be there. Change is never easy, but the things worth doing never are. No matter what you decide, you're going to be great!

  7. I definitely struggle with this every day... I am a stay-at-home mom itching for work (that comes with a pay check!). I'm thankful and blessed that I can indeed be home with my daughter while my husband works but sometimes I feel like an office setting would give me a break! I love my daughter so very much but sometimes I would really like a pay stub for all the work I do: I'm a chef, maid, personal shopper, dry cleaning service, etc etc. Some day when I'm finished having children, I'll get my dream job.. I know it :) For now, I'll relish in the happiness my daughter brings me every day.


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