Thursday Faves: Vegas Eats!

I'm finally back from my Vegas Hiatus! I was there on business and yes... I did do work... on the DANCE FLOOOOR! In all honesty, I did sit through 3 days of teacher conferences. That's all I have to say about that.
The GREAT thing about being sent to conferences, is the fact that we are given a ridiculous amount of money for food. I also got my very own room with 2 beds. Why did I need 2 beds? Beats me...but I used all of the pillows and most of the dirty bed bugs.
Anywho~ back to the food. Since we were given a whoppin' $54 for our lunch and dinner, I thought I'd hit up a few fancy schmancy places that I couldn't bring myself to spend on usually. First up, Il Fornaio.
This restaurant has a very special place in my heart because they catered our wedding! They're food is just remarkable! I enjoyed my Cannelloni con Pollo with my running buddy T , who ordered the Pennoni alla Vodka with bits of bacon...she won, and my other co-worker/friend Blanca who ordered the Grigliata de Pesca y Polenta.
Everything was cooked to PERFECTION!

After dinner, we headed over to Coyote Ugly.
I wont go into details, but there might have been some light dancing on the bar. We had a fun time watching crazy people in the bar. And the buy 1 get 1 free drink deal wasn't too shabby either.

We then headed up to the fancy VOODOO Lounge on our hotel rooftop. AMAZING view and so much dancing... my feets were a' hurtin!
We woke up at the butt crack of dawn the next day and sat in our conference ALL DAY LONG. ::le sigh::
Meh...But we took our breaks down at the pool...not too shabby...not too shabby at all.

Dreaming of Conference Free Nights in Vegas
Ok back to the food and fun. For lunch the next day, I was so excited to finally try Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill.

Was it worth all the Hype? YES! The food was so simple yet flavorful. Bravo Bobby. Bravo. But I still think you're a little bit of a douche.
I ordered the Grilled Swordfish Bacon Avocado Club

T had the Shrimp Tacos...OLE!

Blanca had the Shrimp Tamale. Delicioso!
For dinner the next two nights, we did the Rio Buffet and the Seafood Buffet. Forgive me for not taking pictures, I was too busy stacking my plate sky high with mediocre stir fry and hard to peel crab legs. All you can eat. Yippee.

I don't do well with Buffets for two reasons. ONE: I can't eat $40 worth of food. TWO: I TRY to eat $40 worth of food and end up with a food baby in my belly and a morning full of regret.

We also went out dancing some more...**Note to self. Burn my stupid high heels**

Our last fancy meal was an unexpected surprise. We found ourselves wandering about the Caesar's Palace
and lo and behold.... Wolfgang Puck's Spago.

ANOTHER amazing place. Simple yet flavorful meals and bread baskets too fancy for words. I really enjoyed our light fare here.
T and I had the Thai Chicken Salad and shared Calamari
BEST Calamari I've ever had. The Garlic Aioli dipping sauce was so good. I want to have food babies with it. 

Overall I had a really great time. The food, the fun, the dancing...all amazing. Oh and the conference ...yeah..
  • Have you ever been to Vegas?
  • Are you a buffet person?
  • Have you ever been to a restaurant of a famous Chef?


  1. Glad you guys had some fun because I KNOW the DuFours were bunches of fun! If ya ever wanna go back to Vegas, I have timeshares on the strip. As for buffets, I like John's Incredible because you can get whatever kind of pizza you want. Haven't been too a famous chef's restaurant, but went to Jacque Torres' chocolate shop in NY. YUM!

  2. Can I just say that this makes me want to go back to Vegas. I love the food in Vegas.

    Okay and I'm totally a buffet person and I love love the buffet at Bellagio. Best ever.

  3. Man, talking about a weekend of feasting.. I'm jealous! Hehe. All of the food looks so tasty! Might I add you and the ladies look great in all of the pics! :)

  4. All teaching conferences should be held in Vegas! The last conference I went to was in the dead of winter at the local convention center...your trip sounds much more appealing :)


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