Arm Painting is the New Black

One thing I love about going to kid birthday parties is that they have dope things to face painting, or in this case, body painting. I'm not ashamed to partake in such activties. I also jump in jumpers if you're wondering. The key is to make all the other adults  older people do it with you. That way you don't look crazy all by yourself.

The very funny and talented Lacy from (Check her out, yo!)was there and when she busted out her portfolio... I surveyed my body to count how many places I wanted her to paint. (Keep your mind out of the gutter... this is a kid's birthday for crying out loud!) Because there was a line of kids who wanted their faces painted... I only chose two.
Right Forearm...Mr. Octopus!

 "Hey little kid, your mom is going to get mad if you get paint on your face... you better not do this."

Left forearm...Drizzle of Sunshine! Get it?
I convinced Hubby to get one...

He chose a Roboto with a 'stache playing bball. Don't ask me why.
I forced Katwina to get one...
Whoo Whoo is cool now?
And I didn't have to ask my Kuya because he's weird like me and wanted one just as bad...we are related afterall.

Yo Gabba Gabba
I made a cake of that guy once. No, no, not of my brother... of Muno...the red sea cucumber.


Handlebars and Soul Patch
 Sebby and Clark were almost as cute as Senor Taco... ALMOST!

I'd like a real tattoo one day...maybe when I'm 60. That way I'll ink myself when my skin is ALREADY saggy. See...solved that problem!
  • Holla if you like kiddie activites still!
  • Do you have any Tats?


  1. I love kiddie parties/activites!! We had a face painter at our baby shower too & we'll have one again gor Eva :) And yes, I have 2 small tattoos. I also though about sagging skin when I was younger so that's why they're small!

  2. Ps! You might think it's weird, but I thought about the last time I has face painting and it was at my nephews 1st bday. I was 39 weeks preggo and she wanted to paint my belly. I was hesitant about it cause people wanted to watch, but it ended up being fun! She painted a huge turkey that covered my entire belly bump!

  3. I love kids activities! Bouncy castles, face painting, ball pits...all of it! The ones you got done are incredible--they look great!

  4. I love kids activities! Bouncy castles, face painting, ball pits...all of it! The ones you got done are incredible--they look great!

  5. I love the robot! And I do have a tattoo- I know, I know. I wish I could remove it and change it- I'd much prefer it was a book... or maybe a dancer with big boobies... kidding!

  6. I like the designs of tattoo..Very interesting...Very nice blog.

  7. I will keep inking myself up as long as I can walk! Ha. Okay, maybe not.

  8. OMG! these blow out any face/body painting i've seen around.. i totally would have been in on that :) love the owl.

  9. So cute and fun! I do not have any tats. I would love to get a giant coloring book, an unused pack of Crayola crayons (the 64 pack, at least) and sit in the park coloring. Oh, with a big milkshake by my side.

  10. These are the cutest paintings! I have a small cross on my kindergartners always notice it in the spring when I start wearing capris and ask why I have the letter 't' on my ankle :) haha

  11. Those are totally adorable!! I do have 2 tats - a fairy on my back and a rose on my ankle. I already have my next two planned out and ready to go too - more on my ankle and my guardian angel (mom) on my other shoulder... :) (And we just had our company picnic a couple weeks ago and I TOTALLY jumped in the jumper with my son)! :D

  12. Depending on the size and where on the back the tattoo is placed, you can choose to either show off your new tattoo or.Tattooarm


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