Daddy's Day Recap

Top Five Reasons why I love my Daddy!
1. He is my hero. He is a retired Warrant Officer WHOOP WHOOP! His hard work and sacrifice through the years allowed us to travel the world, live comfortably while saving for our future, and it allowed my brother and I  to attend college for FREE! He taught me to be a hard worker with amazing work ethic.

2. He is NICE. One of the things my brother and I love about my dad is that he can get along with ANYONE. If you leave him on a bench at the mall, he will have made friends with anyone around him. My brother and I have the confidence to small talk to anyone because of this.

3. He can fix anything! I have high expectations for my Hubby. Growing up, my dad was able to fix anything from my broken toy to the family car. He is MAGIC!

4. He plays golf better than Tiger Woods! And that's a FACT!

5. He is strong! About 3 years ago, my dad had to undergo surgery.  That night after his surgery, he wanted out of that hospital. The doctors couldn't believe how strong he was because he literally forced himself out of bed to walk around. By the next day, he was walking and proved to all of us that his mind is stronger than his body. Thankfully, he is all better now. 
I love you Daddy!
This weekend was food filled fun. I guess that's not so different from my other weekends, but we did celebrate my daddy, so that's different. The Kuya and I planned a fabulous Lunch for our Favorite Dad!
Katwina made my dad's favorite salad dressing from Olive Garden, my Kuya made his favorite dessert which is Banana Bread, and I made this.
Came out DELISH! My dad is a hard person to please when it comes to food. I think he really liked this meal!

 I think Sebby even liked it.

If you're wondering where my Hubby is, he was out fishing with his dad. They went on an overnight fishing trip out at sea. I was worried that he would be caught in a storm or something, but he was A-OKay! I never knew this, but my Hubby is the best fisherman. He caught 15 FISH! HOLY NEMO!

He's so sweet, he brought home the fish-bacon and knew that I would make something amazing.
Anyone have any great fish recipes?
The only thing that I HATE about him being a great fisherman, is that I had to scale these bad boys. These fish are EVIL!!! I pierced myself 5 times with their scaly and sharp weaponry! My mom was gifted some fish, too and had to work these monsters. I feel your pain Mama!!
Anywho- back to my dad. For dinner, he did his two favorite outdoor activities. He grilled up some yummy ribs and fish...
And played Golf with his two favorite boys.
Hubby and I watched...
While Kuya took Funny Breaks with Katwina and Sebby.

Yes, my Kuya is an odd one.
Inside, we had some special visitors. My Auntie Irene and Uncle Mike! I Love them. They are so much fun!
Then, it was CHOW TIME!
I would've taken more pictures, but I was too busy eating. Don't bother me when I'm eating...I'll bite your head off.

  • How was your Father's Day?
  • Tell me one thing you ate this weekend?


  1. Ewwww there are fish IN your sink! I think you need an exterminator... or something. I'm definitely not a fish person, but it sounds like you guys had a really fun day!

  2. Funny pics :-)

    Kisses, I follow you from Spain!!

  3. Your dad sounds great!

    It looks like you had such a fun day:) xx


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