JoMo Sandwich

In all four years of college, everyone I knew called me JoMo. It was a combination of my first and last name. That name stuck like glue and some people even went through the years never knowing my real name. Sad, huh? I kinda loved it because it was endearing to me, but then I hated it because it sounded so juvenile. It made me sound like a little chubby 5 year old boy or an English Bulldog or something.

Fun times.

I had two food obsessions in college, both VERY healthy.
#1-BOBA aka Bubble Tea. If you look at my About Me page, you will see what these evil balls did to my health. I was in love with this drink. Taro or Milk Tea to be exact.

Studious me!
#2- JoMo Sandwiches. I don't care what anyone says, but I was the one that coined this combo first. You can tell me that you had them when you were little, or whatever other lie you can think of, but I don't believe you. I believe me because who dah HECK are you? I used to make these in the dorms, for my friends in college, and in grad school as a study snack. It was protein and healthy hazelnuts and calcium rolled into one! That's what the commercial says right?

Hubby and I have been eating these for dessert lately. To make a JoMo Sandwich, you need to make sure you have the key ingredients.

1. HOT out of the toaster bread so the beautiful combination of gooeiness melts all over your face.
2. Healthy slather of Nutella
3. Messy glob of PB...smooooth.

College was the best time of my life. Every time I eat one of these sandwiches, it just takes me back to those days of partying studying, boys books, and drinking eating good stuff!

  • What was one guilty pleasure you ate in college?
  • Did you have a good college experience?
  • Tell me your NICKNAME!


  1. No nicknames...those didn't come till I started teaching. (Those sweet 12-13 year-olds)

    Guilty pleasure from college...tuna casserole. The kind with tuna, potato chips and a ton of cheese. Oh my, at least once a week I partook. It was the sweet life.

    Great college experience was on the 7 year plan because of too much fun.

  2. Hi girl!
    I just found your blog -- and you went to UCR! How awesome! I was there for a year and then transferred to Irvine. I missed it so much though, the ppl there were amazing :)
    What was your major?

  3. UCR! Fantastic!
    Wow, those sandwiches in the pics are incredibly delightful and yummy!

    What was one guilty pleasure you ate in college?
    The sandwiches that I stole from the principal's office. ;P

    Did you have a good college experience?
    Hmm, accidentally... I went to the washroom for ladies (I didn't say it was a good experience). I swear, it was just an accident.

    Tell me your NICKNAME!
    I didn't have one, but people used to call me Gorgeous.

  4. Guilty pleasure college food - nachos from the Mexican restaurant across the street. Those were the days. ;) PS. My husband loves nutella - he'd be all over this sandwich!

  5. Those are much healthier than the habits I indulged in college ;). Probably the least offensive was the Chick-fil-a we could get for "free" (it was a pre-paid card you had to buy) at the Ferguson Center. I probably ate CFA at least 3 times a week.

  6. Those look goooood girl! My nickname throughout my elementary school years and college was Cush...last name being Cushing. It was fun at first but then everyone who didnt know me thought it was because I really like marijuana (kush). NOT cool haha

  7. I enjoyed college! I am glad to be done, but it was fun while I was in it. I ate SO muh in college is was terrible! I had Chick-fil-A every day for lunch (we had it on campus) and I also had ice cream from the ice cream place every. single. night. It was bad!

  8. Cute blog! Now following :) P.S. Love the title of your blog! XO

  9. ANYTHING smothered in chocolate was a guilty pleasure.. it still is.

    My college experience was so-so. There are some moments I'd like to relive and others not so much.

    You know my nickname! "Ish" :)


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