Let them eat CAKE!

Howdy Ho Neighbor!

Today was a bad day. With High School Boys, everyday is a bad day. The ones I work with are rude and immature. ::le sigh:: venting complete.

Now onto the CAKE!

I love to make try to make cakes. Fancy ones. You know, the ones that Ace of Cakes whip out with their magical fingers.

::le swoony swoon::

I'm all googahly eyed with these cakes, nay, masterpieces.

So far, in the past 5 years, I made some pretty decent cakes. For a girl with no training, I think I did ok. (Excuse me while I toot my own horn.)

My cake Resume:

Can't read my Poker Cake. ::Lady Ga-Ga style::

Poker Cake- Chocolate cake with Nutella and graham cracker filling (Made especially for my Kuya's 30th)

Get it? Sebby? Sebastian? Think Little Mermaid.

Crab Cake- White cake (The cake Sebby tore into)

I made him another, for the adults to tear into.

Under the Sea Cake- Pineapple Cake with macadamian nuts and cool whip
I did all the creatures by hand. ::toot toot:

MAC/ISH Cake- Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Butter cream Frosting. (Made especially for Irish's 25th) *My First Fondant Cake*

Ipod Cake- Strawberry Cake with Strawberries inside and a Vanilla Butter cream Frosting (made especially for Jo's 23rd Birthday)
I need to work on my cake handwriting!

XBOX 360 Cake- White cake with Bavarian cream and fresh strawberry filling. (Made especially for Freddy's 30th bday)

So why am I tooting my horn? over and over and over? Well, this weekend, I made more cakes! I miss making them!
It was another birthday cake for Sebby! Chocolate cake!
Project Wifey Wife Auntie Aunt: Chocolate Birthday Cake:
(Adapted from FamilyFunGo.com)
I used half white, half whole wheat flour. Mostly because I ran out. Stupid Bunelos!
And added a lot of chocolate chips!!


Do your cakes ever come out uneven? Might I recommend some cake pan huggers?

My nephew loves Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba! So I made his face :)

When I first saw Muno I thought, "Hmmm, that's uhhhh odd??"
But no worries, he's a sea cucumber. ::cue the Oh's::

In between the layers, I just melted some chocolate chips and added a teaspoon of frosting. Wah-lah! Instant filling!

Sebby loved it!

Since I had to make fondant for Muno's eye balls, I used my tools to make 3 mini cakes for friends. They celebrated birthdays this month too!


Baby cakes!

The birthday girls loved it!

If anyone is interested in making fondant, let me know and I'll make a tutorial!

 Do you watch any cake shows? Which ones?


  1. girl you are amazing!!!!!!

    You should toot your own horn (toot toot)!!!!!

    I love all of your creations!!!!!! :)

  2. so is this a prelude to you opening a cake shop or having your own cake tv show? these are incredible!

  3. What an impressive cake resume! Might I add, not only do they look awesome, they tasted yummy! Thank you for the bday cake again!

    How does that sea cucumber breathe in his costume?? Looks so restricting! (Random, I know.)

  4. WOW - those cakes look INCREDIBLE!
    So creative... I wish I had cakes like that on my birthdays as a child... I'd be psyched!


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