My Blogiversary

One year ago I started this crazy little blog thing. I kept it private for about a month before I let the little beast run wild and free on the internets. At first, some of my family and friends questioned why I would even want to do such a thing. And in good mommy fashion, my mom was worried that someone would cook my recipes, stalk me, and find me to cut me up into pieces...or something like that. Regardless, I kept on going, starting Project Wifey Wife, continuing my Zelda quest for my "princess" named Healthy McHealthiness, and joining the fun of Bloggerworld.
Check it out!

I never revealed this, but I wanted to blog because my life was a little topsy turvy with being a newlywed, struggling with my job, and considering a career change. These changes were enough for me to throw up my arms and say "CURSES!" or something else that started with an F. This blog became my comfort. I've always been a journal person, heck, I even had a diary in 1st grade (which I forgot the combination to and haven't been able to open since 4th grade). I had a Xanga in college and continued to keep a handwritten one near my bed. Writing is a friend of mine, for sure.

My first header
This blog is my pride and joy. Even with the horrible spelling mistakes and grammar fumbles, (Did I mention I'm a teacher... I... is... so ...smarte!) and the time I let pass between each post (don't look down at the last time) I thank you, reader, for reading about my life and leaving sweet comments. To my friends and family, who now give me so much encouragement, Thank you. And of course, To The Man, The Mister, the Hubby Hub to my Wifey Wife, Thank you for always encouraging me to blog...AND you're welcome for all the food.

Here's to another year....

To celebrate I will cook my first Project Wifey Wife meal:
Boeuf Bourguignon
And just like the first time, I will forget to post the recipe.....maybe.


  1. Happy bloggiversary!! Thanks for sharing a little bit of your life with us =)

  2. happy anniversary to your blog!!! May there be many more!!!

  3. yay!!! I can't wait for the next one because your blog is fun to read!

  4. Happy Blogiversary!!! TO many more to come:).

  5. Congratulations! Just found your blog through LYK. We're also celebrating our one year anniversary and 100 posts and giving away a $100 Amazon gift card. I've linked to it, if you'd like to enter!

  6. Congrats on your first blogiversary, also! Now, before I say anything else, go look at your first post...and try not to cry or laugh until you cry. How far have you come! Always remember that in the pursuit of your passions, you will find happiness and in the pursuit of your Lord and Savior, you will find joy. I love that you have incorporated both. I hope that you have a blessed Christmas holiday and an another awesome year of blogging!



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