Virtual Cookie Swap: Nutella Cream French Macarons

When one of my all time favorite bloggers, Rachel from The Avid Appetite asked me to participate in her Virtual Cookie Swap, I nearly peed myself.  I was so excited that a big time blogger would ask me anything via email! I immediately began to think about what cookie I wanted to make. Then, as if the stars began to align, my mom bought me a book as a gift.

by Hoisako Ogita

I'd like to say that she bought me this out of the goodness of her heart, but that'd be a lie. She bought this for me because she is french macaron obsessed and wanted me to learn to make them for her. Tricky, tricky, Mother. Lucky for her and my dad, they are the loves of my life.... so I will oblige them.

Project Wifey Wife presents:
Nutella Cream French Macarons

2/3 cup ground almond meal or flour
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
3 large egg whites, at room temperature
5 Tbs granulated sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract

**The ground almond flour I bought had the skins of the almond in it. It doesn't affect the taste but you can see it in the final product. You can buy this other brand but it is quite expensive.

Before I begin, I must warn you that this is quite the fussy cookie. Certain techniques that the book mentions are pretty particular, but with a lot of patience, you'll be just fine. This a "whole afternoon" type cookie, so take heed. The end product is MORE than worth it. Trust me...I'm not a professional.
 May the macaron force be with you.

Let's begin.

This will help make the macaroons be the same size. Apologies for the crinkled paper. Lord knows those jagged teeth thingies on the box don't do their job right! I recommend that yours be more straight as it will effect your cookies. 
The book recommends that you grind the almonds and powdered sugar together. I just stirred them together and it came out great. Take that, book.

Gradually add the granulated sugar to the egg whites. Be sure to stop and scrap the bowl periodically. Add the vanilla and stir lightly.

Add the rest of the flour and mix it lightly in a circular motion.

Macaroonage Step: This is the fussy step I was talking about. Macaroonage is the term used for mixing flour and meringue. You MUST do this step no less than 15 times, but no more than 20 or you will ruin your macarons.
In a nutshell, you are spreading it against the bowl and scraping it back up 15 times.

When the batter becomes firm and drips slowly as you scoop it with a spatula, the mixture is ready.

Fill your pastry bag and begin to make your circles onto your pre-drawn parchment paper.

Hit the baking sheet firmly against the counter. This helps the macarons hold their shape and helps the "little foot" to form. Apparently a macaron is not a macaron without this little foot.

Before baking, dry the batter at room temperature, uncovered for 15- 30 minutes. A slight crust should form on the top and it should not be sticky to the touch.

Bake one batch of macaroons on the stacked cookie sheets. You must double the trays because it prevents the bottom from getting over baked.

Now, there are many types of fillings you can choose from but by the time I was done with this fussy little things, I wanted something FAST! So I made a lazy filling.

1 part butter to 1 part Nutella. You're welcome.

I used 1 stick of butter to about 1 cup of Nutella. I mixed the butter so that the consistency wouldn't be too runny for the cookie. It worked and it was AMAZING!

This would be a wonderful Christmas gift, don't you think?

I'm excited to share the recipes from the other cookie swappers! YAY Virtual Cookie SwapStay tuned.....


  1. these look amazing!!!! love your instructions. they make me feel like i could handle them even though i'm pretty sure i'd be a disaster if i tried. i'll just admire yours!

  2. Joanna, I am in AWE! These are truly amazing! I have been wanting to try macarons but really had no idea how to make them at all and feel incredibly intimidated by them. Thank you so much for doing this, for participating, and for your incredibly kind words!! Love ya girl!

  3. Ok. this I really have to try, looks amazing and yummy.

  4. These macarons sound amazing! That book is such a nice gift!

  5. wow, these turned out awesome! so glad to meet you, by the way. i was going to be part of the virtual cookie swap, too, but simply didn't have enough time. any friend of rachel's is a friend of mine, though! looking forward to connecting more through our blogs in the future!

  6. Wow!! Your pictures alone are making me salivate!! hahaha!! looks delicious and the end product so professional! Also, your mom sure knows how to pick 'em. To this day, the book she gave Eva at her baptism is one of her top 3 favorites to pick out for bedtime! :) Happy blogbirthday by the way! (catching up on my blog reading this morning. ;)

  7. I'm impressed! I drool every time I see a macaroon recipe but have not yet worked up the courage to try making them. Yours are beautiful!

  8. I've made macarons once and I literally danced when I saw the feet! they didn't turn out exactly as planned, I can't wait to make them again and yours look divine!

  9. These look PERFECT! I have just had THREE failed macaron attempts in a row and was about to give up macarons all together, but your step-by-step instructions inspired me to give them one more try!

  10. Macarons are my FAVORITE! I'm kind of obsessed with them, but terrified to even attempt them at home!

  11. Okay whoa. These are the BEST cookies i've seen blogged about on the swap, yet!

    I want to make these for a party - they look so impressive and I can only imagine how good they taste!

  12. Those look absolutely amazing! I still have to face my fear of macarons, but I think this might be the perfect first recipe to try!

  13. You had me at Nutella! These look absolutely amazing. You did a great job.


  14. This step by step is so helpful! I love the look and taste of macarons but have never tried to make them because they seem so complicated. You've inspired me though...maybe over the holidays! Good to "meet" you at Rachel's cookie swap!

  15. These seem really tough but totally worth it. Christmas break project. And you hit the pan? What? Prepare for questioning texts when I start baking ;)

  16. I REALLY REALLY want to make these! I have looked longingly at macarons for a long time, but never knew it was possible to make them at home.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  17. HI! what's the oven temperature? thankssss!!!!


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