Thursday Favorites: Another Flashmob

Favorite Drink:


That's all one word, I think. At least when I say it, it is. I get this once a week, sometimes twice if I'm feeling sleepy. I don't know if you can see how they spelled my name...Joann... people always drop the last A! Bugs me. Some of my friends call me that, which I never mind, but when strangers do.... mmmm. ::shakes head::

Favorite Treat of the Week:
After Thanksgiving, all I could think about is PUMPKIN PIE! Last year it was ham, but this year.... I can't stop thinking about it. So I gave Hubby the puppy dog eyes and promised extra sexy time if he bought me one. Of Course he bought one.

Favorite Show:

Hubby and I watch this religiously every day. We could watch the same rerun over and over again.

HOLY CRAP! That zombie on the side scared the crap out of me when I enlarged it. Anyways, this show is just brilliant. And don't ask me why, but I love zombies. For some reason, I am not frightened by them. It's the ghosts and creepy kids in scary movies that make me crap myself. (I think I exceeded my use of the word "crap" for the day.)

Favorite YouTube Video:

Girls, get your tissues. Boys, take notes. Besides my own proposal, this is quite possibly the cutest proposal I've ever seen.


Favorite Song:
An oldie but goodie. Weird video, but this song is awesome!

  • What are some of your favorites this week?



    You might like this one also! :)

  2. Oh my goodness that totally made me cry. I love proposals..and baby births...and Hallmark who am I kidding I am a total sappy pants.

  3. I just discovered frozen greek yogurt in whole foods...def my find of the week!

  4. I love "How I ...." it's the funniest thing out there.

  5. Wiping the tears away from watching that proposal! I agree with V., I cry every time I see a proposal, my husband thinks I'm nuts : ) I think it just reminds me of the absolute joy and excitement I felt when he proposed to me, proposals really are magical moments!

  6. I clicked through to your proposal and my jaw dropped - my parents live in Temecula! I just adore visiting and of country. Do you happen to remember your favorite winery there? There are so many!


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