Weekend Recap: I'm A Lucky You Know What

This weekend was full of good things... literally... good things.

Friday was Christmas Bunco. This is in fact, one of the best days of the year. I get to spend quality time chit chatting it up with 11 of my favorite girls. I truly love them so much. They don't know how happy they make my heart. (Many of them are camera shy so I spared them the embarrassment of plastering their beautiful faces on my blog.)
One of my students asked me what I was doing that night and after I told him I was going to have dinner with my friends, he proceeded to add that we will probably be talking about male ice skaters, "you know, because they have tight pants?" His words, not mine.
Sadly, we did not have time to talk about male ice skaters because we were too busy eating, laughing, and laughing some more.
p.s Brie plus cranberries equals heaven. It's simple math.

And we ate some more.

But, the highlight of my night was getting to rummage through my friend's NEW KITCHEN! Holy Moly! I died and gone to kitchen heaven.

Check out these sexy drawers. You can move those pegs around accordingly.
I really want to make food babies with this spice rack. Ohh my!
I love drawer. I love kitchen. I love friends.

Oh, and I'm loving this, too.
Hubby gave me an early Christmas present because my old phone decided to be a freakface and give me hard time. Even though it was being difficult, I feel bad for moving on to something bigger and better. I'm the type of person who gives feelings to inanimate objects. I am sorry Palm Pixi.

But, I have to admit, I have super obsessed with this thing and I am even more excited about the camera on this bad boy. Now I can take good pictures even when I forget my real camera!
See what I mean? Isn't Sonic just the cutest in my sweater?

  • I need some cool Apps! What are some of your favorites?


  1. I love that drawer, I would do anything for a drawer like that.

    P.S. Entre my amazing International Christmas Giveaway

  2. Runkeeper, since you like to run sometimes : )

  3. I got an iPhone as an early Christmas present, too! Don't you just love it? The camera is crazy good. Let me know what apps you fall in love with! I know you're liking Instagram. :)


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