An Egg-citing weekend

Hello! I need to start off by apologizing for the title. I realize I could've tried a lot harder, but Hey, it's only Monday. I'm sure there will be better titles later...or not.

After looking at my pictures from Easter Sunday, I started to get a bit sad. I just noticed that I didn't have Ham this year. Devastating! I always have Ham. Forget about my Chocolate laden Easter basket or colorful plastic egg filled with cash money, I wanted the HAM! Welp, there's always next year...or next weekend.

I did get to spend time with this Ham though.

More on that in a bit.
My favorite thing this weekend was going Home to my Mom and Dad's house. I get to reminisce...

Don't hate on my ruffle dress. I sported ruffles before they even hit the runway. And can we please take note of my bangs? My mother cut my bangs all the way up until I was in high school. I don't know which is more embarrassing, the fact that my hair was cut only by my mother until I was a teen, or the fact that I had straight forehead bangs until I was in HS. Let's forget about this conversation, shall we?

I also appreciate the fact that my mom kept my favorite Care Bear plate with all the grown up plates.

In case I never mentioned it, my nickname as a child was "Sunshine" because I always had a smile on my face. I want to remind myself that everytime I have a scowl on my face...which is sadly 75% of the time. Don't forget, I'm a HS teacher. No smiling allowed. They might think I like them or something.

On Easter morning, my mom made a simple yet delightful breakfast.

I forgot to ask her why she didn't make me an Easter basket this year, but I was distracted by this Hazelnut chocolate spread.
If you are like me and love Nutella, because who the hell wouldn't like that delicious stuff, then you will go BONKERS for this spread. I can't remember what's in it, but I'm pretty sure it's some addictive drug. I have to give my parents some praise for letting me eat this for breakfast as a child. Maybe that's why I was so smiley...that's nice they chose that word instead of hyper. Thanks mom and dad!

For lunch, my dad put some steaks on the barbie.

Yes, it was GOOD! I love steak....I just want to hug it....with my mouth.

See that hiding there? Those are some roasted veggies. I know the plate ratio is supposed to have more veggies, but in my culture, it's like this. And what? You want me to diss my own crazy kid.
Unfortunately, this was a coma inducing meal and we were down for the count after that.

I think my parents are trying to help make my body "baby ready." Nice try, you tricky parents you.

For dinner, we went to Kuya's house to watch Sebby and his friends (Richard's adorable daughters) hunt for eggs.

Ahhh, to be a kid again!

Sebby was a talented Egg-hunter, but he was very very uninterested in what was inside them. I should've just taken the dollar bills and quarters that were inside, but he's my nephew afterall. I'd probably lose some serious Auntie points.

Instead, I munched on these yummy creations! Katwina made them!!

Nests made out of white chocolate coated pretzel sticks and topped with a Peep and some malt ball eggs... Oh Kuya, you got yourself a winner here! This was my First time trying Peeps. And the verdict? I think I would've gotten the same effect if I ate a ladle full of sugar. I couldn't help but think of my dentist while chewing these lil' guys.

I really loved being home.

So much love....but I'm still bummed about the Ham situation.

Tell me buddies:
  • one thing you did for Easter
  • Are you a Peep fan?


  1. Well, you already know what I did for Easter from by bloggity. As for Peeps, I can take them and their sugary-ness, but I'd be ok with never eating them again.

    My mom combed my hair for me everyday until the middle of sixth grade. We're talking super tight trenzas (braids) and bows that my grandma brought back from Mexico. I feel your pain, girl. And my parents still have my old Aladdin plate hanging out with the grown-up plates too! =)

  2. I made a bunny cake for Easter! And ran ten miles, haha. I used to love Peeps but now can't stand them. I do love all the cute creations people make with them, though.

  3. Easter was spent with my friend Kristi and her family. Even though I was an invited guest, I did all the cooking because I love it.
    As for Peeps, lemme just say this. I have my own Peeps MAKER. I absolutely ADORE Peeps. A very happy day for me was when Peeps transitioned from being just an Easter treat, to other holidays. Talk about SMILING. :-)

  4. We did an indoor egg hunt for the kiddo and I made tiramisu on Easter! :D It was an interesting, non traditional day, but I like it that way most of the time. So glad you had a great visit with family!

  5. OMG, that nutella spread looks soo good! I haven't had nutella in years. I still remember your Jomo sandwiches... mmmm!

    I've never had a peep in my life. I'm more of a cadbury bunny kind of girl. My Mom bought them for us every Easter.

    Hope you have your ham fix soon! =D

  6. My family and I spent the weekend together, too! That's always FUN, much needed, and never taken granted for! As for Peeps.. not a huge fan at all, despite my sweet tooth. :/

    Sebby boy is too cute! Can't believe how big he's getting!


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