Awww Shucks ::Blush::

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there! Hope your Tuesday is going well.
If you're in So Cali, you're like me, enjoying this GORGEOUS weather.

This guy is definitely diggin' the rays. Sonic takes a lot of naps. I wish I were him sometimes.

But right now, I'm happy to be me because I received one of these from a fellow blogger!

Thanks Megan! You're so sweet and thoughtful! Go check her out at Dirty Dishes Daily. She's funny, smart, and knows about good food! What a catch!

So here is what I'm supposed to do:
1.) Thank and link back to the one who awarded you...done and done
2.) Share 7 things about yourself
3.) Pass the award on to some awesome blogs
4.) Contact said bloggers and let them know they are awesome

7 Random Facts:

1. I am a newlywed and was blessed enough to have a Big Fat Filipino/Mexican Wedding. We had about 350 guests. I wish I could blame it on Hubby's big Mexican Family, but my big Filipino family was just as huge-a-shus.

Just some of the girls...

Some of the boys singing to lil' ol' me

To accomodate, we had our reception at the LA Union Station...a real running train station.



2. I don't know how to swim.
I don't like the feeling of water in my nose, I don't like the feeling of being blind, I don't like the feeling that I can drown at any moment.

I don't care that I'm a 5'6 girl standing in a 3 ft. deep pool.
I don't care if I can stand up here....hold me and don't let me go or I'll scratch your face!
I want to learn though...I really do.

3. I don't like Roller Coasters. My tummy is too scared to do the loopty loops.


It's ok, I'll just meet you guys next to the Churro Stand.

4. I Love Hello Kitty! I worked there while I was in High School AND College.
Even my Bachelorette party was Hello Kitty Themed.

**Fact- Hello Kitty weighs as much as 3 apples and stands 5 apples tall.**

5. I'm ADDICTED to the game Diner Dash.

I get lost in it. And if you try to talk to me, I'll give you Angry Eyes and you will regret the day you crossed me and my beloved game.
I blame it on my mother...she's addicted to Tetris and still to this day.... plays every night.

6. In college, I once made a grilled cheese sandwich for Sergio and we found Jesus' face.
This is our real photo of it...what do you think?

Cheezus Do you see him?

We contemplated selling it to the media, but we didn't feel right banking on the Lord.
So, Sergio ate it.

7. I've always had this weird affinity towards Maine. Yes, the state. I don't know what it is...but I've always wanted to go there since Elementary School. Maybe something is waiting for me there.

Any bloggers or readers from Maine? I'd like to come visit you....oh and can I sleep over?

Speaking of Bloggers... I pass this on to:
Christine @ Bookishly Boisterous
Rachel @ The Avid Appetite
Chrissy and Lauren @ The Little Yellow Kitchen
V. Furnas @ Life 4 Me By Me

I really can't tell you how many blogs I read on a daily. I would love to tag everyone I follow or comment on regularly. If you want to do it.... do it and say I tagged you! I'll even add you to the list. I love the blogging community and it would be my honor.


  1. are so kind. I hate loops too I will wait with you at the churro stand. I like to be in the water but not if I can't see the bottom....booo.

  2. I knew you would be creative and eventually become famous someday.
    Keep smiling. LOVE U!

  3. Thanks for the shout out Joanna! And I most say that I loooove Diner Dash too. Addicting is the only way to describe it. I am so excited to find another southern cali blogger. I live in the San Gabriel area. What area are you from?

  4. omg I LOVE HELLO KITTY too!!! Actually, my favorite is My Melody but the original hello kitty is definitely a favorite!

  5. So I take it you won't be training for a tri, huh? Me neither!

  6. Came over from Bookishly Boisterous. :)

    I can't swim either! I'm 24 and everyone looks appalled when I say so. All I can really do is the doggy paddle. Does not count. haha.

  7. Great blog post and CONGRATS on the award!!! :D

  8. I think you're crazy to want to leave SoCal and go to Maine!!! Two drastically different!

    And lol, I'm guessing you saw the Glee episode on Grilled Cheezus...I'm a Christian, but I laughed.


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