Family time means Eating time

Spring over. My heart is broken along with my cushy sleep schedule.

Drizzle of Lolcats.... I like.

Damn, Spring Break! What'd I ever do to you?

Although I was Mopey McMoperson, I enjoyed my weekend with family. Both sides!! Don't you love it when you get to split a day with both sides.....

Can I get some Love with a side of Love?
(I could totally find a lolcat picture for love...but I'll spare you)

First up was Hubby's side!

We spent our afternoon celebrating these two cuties! It was Destiny and Adrian's 3rd Birthday!

Their first Halloween!

The twins were both part of our wedding party!

Destiny and Sebby stole the show!
Oh EM Geee!!

Since then, they've clearly fallen in love!

Adrian was fast asleep during the party, but there was still lots of fun to be had!
and food....You can't see it, but there was a yummy fruit salad that I DEE-VOW-ER'D.

I got to see my in-laws! I am so blessed that they are all so nice! I REALLY got lucky with this one.

I never had a sister...until now.

My little sister Vanessa

And I lucked out because my MIL is the sweetest lady EVER!

My Mommy and MIL

My FIL is super nice too!! I think Sergio gets his "Good Guy-ness" from his dad!

We didn't get to stay long because Sebby started coming down with a fever. But Uncle Sergio made Sebby feel a bit better by jumping in the jump house with him :)

Next up, My Side!

Because I traveled a lot as a kid, my cousins and I didn't get to spend a whole bunch of time together. We recently reunited and made a pact to stay in touch.

Random Fact: I have only have FOUR Cousins.

Can you spot me? I'm the cute one on my Lolo's Lap!

We've grown a bit since then....

The WHOLE Molo Clan!

We went to The Old Spaghetti FAVORITE!
Many of us ordered the Mizithra.... I think it's a Molo thing!

It was laughing and chit chatting the WHOLE night!

And I'm happy to report that Sebby felt loads better with some baby medicine!


He even had playtime with Cousin Clark!

Too much cute for one picture

And I got some baby holding time!

**Note to self- Before you have a baby...workout those weak arms Joanna!**

To compensate for all the eating, I went on a long run the next morning with Christine.

She's SUPER motivating because she's a great runner too! And we had lots to chat about because she works at the same High School as me! We ran on my weekly trail which was so nice! I love it!
Except for the fact that we found dirty magazine pages in our path that has permanently scarred me for life. ::chills::

Regardless... we came out on top!

Is it weird that I wore my French Fry shirt for a run?

Tell me:
  • two good things you did this weekend!
  • What do you order at Old Spag Factory!
  • How many cousins do you have?


  1. Oh man, cousins are numerous. I have 6 on my dads side and 4 on my mom's, but then there are all the 2nd and 3rd cousins and god knows how many of them there are...geez.

  2. Two good things from this past weekend were lunch out with my kiddo and some good 'ol retail therapy at the mall! :) And I LOVE the Spaghetti Factory, we used to go for family outings every now and then when I lived in Washington - I always remember the spumoni ice cream when we'd eat there. :) On my mother's side I have 3 cousins and on my father's side I have 5 cousins. Sorry Spring Break is over - love the lolcats picture! :D

  3. Note to self: remove hydration belt before full body pictures to reduce the fatty-effect. Nonetheless, I had so much fun and we should do it again! I need to find some more new places to run outside.

  4. I love big families. My weekend was pretty uneventful but at least it was relaxing.


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