I get anxiety in my belly when I don't blog for a long period of time. I feel like I let my readers (all ten of you) down somehow. That's a little dramatic of me, huh? Get over yourself Narcissus.

Nonetheless, I apologize for the long break. I could give you a list of excuses, I'm really good at excuses. That's really sad.

Even though I didn't blog for these past couple of days, which felt like an eternity, I thought about it alot...ok, maybe a bit obsessively. If my pictures were available for upload and I had access to a computer, I would've blogged many many times....oops...there goes my excusing. But I've been thinking about how to attack this post.... how the hell do I cram Three GLORIOUS days into a blog post? I guess, the same way I cram french fries in my mouth... just DO IT!

SWAG Moments of Coachella 2011

Preface: I need to school you in our word of the weekend.
Swag- (adj.)- describing something or someone that is impressive and just flat out awesome. You can say it in a sentence:
Spicy Pie is so SWAG.

or alone. ::silence in the room:: SWAG!

Random guy from Coachella knows it!

We can thank Adam aka Faimkills for infecting us with this word. My group of friends thought it was quite entertaining when he started describing everything with it. But soon enough, it spread like Nutella on Hot toast....mmmm...Nutellaaa....say it with me now....SWAG.

1. Music
If I didn't mention Music first, all the Coachella fans would throw CDs at me in protest.

I'll be quite honest with you and say that I don't know every band listed on the line up. Heck... I've never even heard of bands such as Duck Sauce, DJ Zinc, or Rye Rye. All I think is food when I hear these cooky names.

But as for my top favorite Swag performances, these take the cake....DJ that's not a real one, maybe it'll be mine when I decide this blogging or teacher biz doesn't work out.
**Click the band name to see real Coachella footage!**

The Black Keys- described as "American Blues-Rock" this duo vocalist/guitarist and drummer/producer makes you want to close your eyes and take in their smooth sounds. Their Main Stage Performance was perfection.

Sleigh Bells- possibly one of my new favorite bands that I discovered at Coachella this year. Any band with a crazed female lead is hot stuff. I wish I had talent of some sort.

Arcade Fire- Their finale song, made me for yourself. If you were there when the big surprise "dropped," you would've been giddy like a little girl. Cut to 2:16 and be WOW'd.

Bomba Estereo- Another hot female lead, who we couldn't decide looked more like Michele Rodriguez or Adrianna Lima's little sister. This band just made my body dance uncontrollably. I just wish I knew Spanish.

Erykah Badu, Damian Marley and Nas, heck even Wiz Khalifa- I grouped my favorite hip hop acts together to save blog space. They were all great! I hate Wiz Khalifa on the radio, but in person, he was worthy of me listening to. I was in the front dancing my sweaty arse off.

Kanye West- Ok, before you roll your eyes anymore and mumble what a douch bag he is, I have to tell you that I totally did the same thing until I saw him perform. I gotta give it up to him, he put on a SHOW. He apologized. He cried because of his love for his mom. He shared the stage at the end of the night with his dancers and his musicians to take a bow with him. Maybe it was fake, but at that moment, he became a little less douchbag to me. I said a little less...

There were tons other bands that caught my ear, but those are my favorites :)

Did I eat Spicy Pie? Almost every day for every meal....if you don't believe me check out the pimples that formed on my face from eating this greasy goodness. I don't eat pizza much, so my body and face hate me now... it's only once a year, Body. I won't be doing this again, Face.

And while the boys had beer for breakfast, I chose to drink Fresh Strawberry Lemonade. Sure, it's not as fun, but it sure was tasty. Apparently PB & J and cold beers for breakfast was a good pairing.

3. Atmosphere
Now if you're planning to ever go to Coachella, keep in mind that it's a crazy place to be. On the outside, it looks kosher, Hell, even parents were bringing their babies! ( I do not approve of this)

But on the inside, it's a bunch of sweaty crazy people walking around and enjoying this Coachella-land in their drug induced state . I did not and do not partake in this madness. But I do like and did enjoy watching the crazies. There are plenty of girls with pasties and boys with banana hammocks and I see atleast one guy dressed like Borat in his green bathing suit thingy, every year. Sounds like a Gay Parade, but's not. That's just normal behavior of Coachellians.

Unless you have an open mind or a closed mouth, don't plan on ever going. You'll be jaded and scarred for life. Then, you'll turn into a crazy person and go to Coachella and I will make fun of you in my head. Teeheehee
Really, it's not that bad, it's just entertaining. It's fun to see what insane creative things people bring or wear. There are also boring people like me who just sport the usual shorts and a tank.

There are also plenty of celebrities! I saw Bam Margera...twice and Ricki Lake! Last time, I saw Kate Bosworth...buying a Spicy Pie right in front of me! Great minds think alike. We should be best friends.
Hubs and Brother saw Katy Perry! 

4. Friends
So, did my friends get mad at the picture I chose from my last post? Naw...they're cool like that.

Pretty spot on for not having the picture in front of them!

I spent a lot of my time with Irish, sitting in the grass by the main stage eating Ice Cream and admiring our new feather headbands. We loved just soakin' it all in. Music and sun, food and celebrity talk.

I also got to Ferris Wheel it up with my Hubby!

5. Gettin' Down and Dirty
Here's another word of advice if you have this on your bucket list.... Bring Anti-bacterial hand soap, Anti-bacterial wipes, and Anti-bacterial clothes if you can find some. It gets HOT and sweaty there and the desert dust loves you.

And get this.... I BRAVED being upfront in the Main Stage area. I was a sweaty hog in mad hot heat and unwillingly touched way too many people that I will probably never see again.
Hello Hairy Man, it's nice to meet you.   Please get your beer belly off my spine? Thanks.

When you're standing that close to all those drippity people, you really forget that you might be a closet claustrophobe. And if you're standing there long enough, you'll just forget about the fact that your hand is on some weird person's slimey back. And when the music comes on.... all is forgotten and you just get into it.

And then.... there are Mosh Pits.

See that poor shmuck to the right side praying for her life, imagine that were me.

Why would I get myself into something like this? Re-living my youth mayhaps? Peer pressure? Ummm... I was trying to find the bathroom? I'm crazy...**DING DING DING!**

I lasted a full minute (I think). I almost lost my shoe and my half digested Spicy Pie. I screamed for the Security to save my life like a Baby crying for it's mommy. I accidentally pocket tweeted @KhloeKardashian. (Don't ask me how, I'm still trying to figure that out) That's all I remember because I was too busy being half trampled by a stampede of psycho boys and very masculine girls. But I did it and it was fun.

I'd like to point out that my Hubby and lil Brother Bear was part of the madness.
(If you're wondering why Hubby didn't save me , it was because we accidentally got split up in the crowd. If it were up to him, he'd throw some 'bows' on those fools....even if it were his own brother...ok maybe not.)

You can't tell but Brother Bear is TOTALLY soaked drenched in sweat...some his own... and some from all those people behind him. My Hubs looked exactly the same and that is why I didn't touch him for the rest of that day.

I can turn this post into a freggin' dissertation about Coachella but the bottom line is, it's an experience. To me, it's a great experience and I'm a little Kanye cocky about the fact that I've been 3 times. I really love going.

Coachella is just plain....SWAG.

Tell me friends:
  • Would you ever go to Coachella?
  • Have you ever been to a concert and if so which ones?
  • Name something that is SWAG.


  1. Girl, YOU are SWAG!!! :)

  2. SLEIGH BELLS! I'd been listening to them for awhile and anticipated their show! it still boggles my mind how all of us were still late to their set!!!! I know we can all agree that leaving SB for Interpol was a BIG MISTAKE. :(

    Had such a blast with you guys! Already too pumped for next year. :)

  3. Yay for a Coachella update!!! That was VERY fun to read... I would love to do something like that - but maybe I'll have to wait 'til my son is of age and live vicariously since hubby and I are such HOME BODIES!! :D

  4. Looks like SO much fun! Ahhh! I absolutely LOVE Arcade Fire. Oh and your pizza looks fab. So glad you had a good time :)

  5. Found your blog via the comments section on Healthy Tipping Point, and I love it! In fact, it's pretty swag. ;)

    Would have loved to go to Coachella, and maybe I'll save up for next year. Last concert I went to was Brooke Fraser (she actually has a song called "Coachella"). Love.

  6. That sounds a lot like Bonnaroo. My hubby wants to go but I'm iffy about it - I'm just not into other peoples' sweat ya know? Glad you had fun!!

  7. Glad you had fun! I am so going next year. I'll have to check out some of those bands- I'm always up for some new music.

  8. OMG, that mosh pit looks insane! You're soooo brave! Pictures and line up looks awesome. If you guys go next year, I'm sooo there! =)

    Joanna and Sergio are SWAG? I've never really used that word before? hahaha


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