Under the Weather

Hey guys! Hope you're having a good week. I'm very much enjoying my vacation so far. Got some cleaning done.

Kitchen: Before


Next on my list is the office....pray for me.

See, what had happen was.... there was a storm and it came in my house. Ok, seriously, this is half hubby's junk, half mine, and half wedding.... half plus half plus half.... whew, good thing I'm a reading teacher eh?

Yesterday I planned on making a new lasagna because Hubby didn't care for the Ragu one. I had some extra ingredients I needed to get rid of too,

BUT... funny thing happened. Hubby somehow got on the wrong train. We'll blame it on the rain. It was a real pain. But some sushi we did gain. (I taught first grade, can you tell?)

I had to pick him up and ended up not having enough time to make dinner. I craved sushi, Hubs was kind enough to oblige. AND we had one more gift card from the wedding! WHOO HOO MONEY!!

We went to Zip Sushi!

I LOVE me some Salmon! We started with a Philly roll ( Philly cream cheese, cucumber, asparagus, and salmon)

Then the baked Salmon roll (we didn't know it was same as above but just baked...we rolled with it... Pun INTENDED)


Then, they FINALLY remembered our Edamame.... so good and so healthy!

Our last roll was the Garlic Roasted Yellowtail...or something.... all I know is that I didn't like it.

So I ordered a Salmon Skin roll for myself.

Happily full

Ok, so what's the "under the weather" part of this post, well Southern Cali is seeing SOOOO much rain... insane amounts of rain. We're not used to it! We don't know how to live in this weather!! So many car accidents, so many floods and mud slides, and so many Californians inappropriately dressed because most of us don't own a raincoat or boots. Sad huh?

Today it continued to pour, I continued to clean, and my cough continued to bug the ba-jebus out of me.

I also feel a bit under the weather health wise. I haven't worked out in a couple of days and I've been eating a lot since I've been on break.... sounds like a dream but eating Lasagna twice in one day really takes a toll on a person... blah. I feel sick.

The good thing is, tomorrow is a new day. I'll let this one slide Joanna.... but tomorrow... your ass is mine!

Anyone know of any good cough home remedies? I'm dying here.


  1. I LOVE sushi :)

    seriously the rain needs to stop it's getting in the way of my morning runs!!!

    I have been eating more now that I am break....oohhh not good!


  2. Drink some hot tea with lots of honey to coat the throat. There's also the vinegar, salt, and water gargle. *blech*

    Feel better, Joanna! :)


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