Mr. Cookie Man

I will get to the cookies in un momento.

I just have to get the bad out of the way. I HATE the dentist.

I hate how it smells in there. I hate the way they give you the third degree when you're not flossing properly. I hate when they floss you because it's as if their trying to extract as much blood as possible. I hate how they talk to you when ALL of their fingers are in your mouth. I ESPECIALLY hate when they say "Don't swallow! Don't swallow!" All I could think is "CRAP, I think some trickled down my throat!"

I went today and they had to take out an old filling and refill it. My left side is completely swollen and I'm in total pain! And to make matters worse, they said I can't eat/chew anything tonight... CURSES!!

I settled for a peanut butter Green Monster instead.

It held me over for two point two seconds...yay. I'm so hungry.


1-2 handfuls of raw spinach (microwave it for about 30 seconds to bring out the vitamins!)
1-2 cups of milk (soy and almond are my favorite)
1 large banana-shmushed
couple cubes of ice
1 large tablespoon of peanut butter


You do NOT taste the spinach. I know it looks gross. It's VERY good for you... I hope that answered some of your questions. :)

Two sweet things today:

Numero UNO: Happy 3 month Anniversary to my Hubby! We like to celebrate the small accomplishments!

We were married this past October on our 5 year anniversary. It was my dream wedding. We were blessed to have ALL of our close friends and family there... all 320 of them, a dream team of vendors (including the BEST coordinator SoHappiTogether), awesome food, and just a slammin' good time.

Hubby has been the most patient, loving, patient, hardworking, and helpful husband. I LOVE him and feel completely blessed to have someone that loves me unconditionally. I could never marry a person like me... I'm hard headed and stubborn. He is so PATIENT, or crazy, or maybe just hungry! Thank you Hubs!

Numero DOS:

Hubster's staff party is tomorrow. Since he's working late tonight, I was on cookie duty. He is KNOWN for his amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe. Everyone loves his cookies. I hope I didn't screw it up.

He is... Mr. Cookie Man! He's so passionate about them! It's cute. Last year, he spent all night making them for my staff and his. I fell asleep mid baking and woke up to him cussing at the eggs. He's so cute.

I ate tested one. I know that the dentist said no chewing food.... but I couldn't have hubby be embarrassed by horrible tasting cookies. What if he gets taunted by this co-workers? What if his boss FIRES him? Oh my GAWD.... good thing I tried one. Can you imagine what would happened if I didn't?

Unfortunately, my nose is stuffy and my taste buds went on vacation apparently. I'll have to try another on in the morning.

I love chocolate chip cookies. I love my Hubby. I love my hubby who makes chocolate chip cookies.



Does your hubby, bf, or significant other have a "special dish" that they like to make?

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  1. Happy Anniversary!!!! :) 3 months that's a great accomplishment ;)

    I seriously love your blog :)

    Your cookies look so yummy! I have to try the recipe!


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