Christmas Recap Part Dos!

Hey Bloggerinos! How's it hangin'? We're inchin' closer and closer to the New Year! How exciting! Just when I got the hang of writing 2010...we have to change it to 2011!

Christmas Recap part 2:

Hubsters and I decided that we really wanted to spend Christmas morning together since it was our FIRST official Christmas together.

I guess we can't be glamorous even when waking up on Christmas morning, eh?

I made a yummy combo of PB and banana French toast, eggs over medium, and BACON! GLORIOUS BACON! SOOO good yet soooooooooooooooooooo bad!

My French toast mix Ingredients:
eggs (amount depends on how much I'm making) 1-2 for each slice of bread
2-3 tablespoons of Almond milk
1/2 tsp of vanilla extract
healthy sprinkling of cinnamon

We also had fresh squeezed Oj using our new juicer!!

We even treated Sonic to a special breakfast! Kibble (he eats Iams Naturals), one fried egg (no oil), and 2 Beggin' Strips.

Am I crazy for giving him is own Christmas placemat? Yes.

Afterwards, we scurried on over to Hubs' Grandparents' house. It was filled with family, love, and food. It was definitely a change from my usual 5 person dinner on my side. (I don't have much family close by.)

I have FOUR first cousins in total... This is ONE side of Hubs' family. Jealous.

I spent a lot of time digging in the spinach dip bowl (his Aunt makes a MEAN spinach dip.)and sippin' on some pinot with the ladies.

I was excited because this was my FIRST Christmas having Hubby's family made TAMALES!! They were DE-lightful!

There was juicy ham in that crossiant!

After dinner, came dessert!

And picture snapping!

There was a lot of laughter in their quaint little home. It was so much fun to watch and participate. There was also a wrapping paper fight that lasted almost 15 minutes! They meant biz-ness!

Hubby's mom thought I was scared, but in reality, I was looking for paper to throw.

THEN, Santa came!! whoo hoo!

Hubs and I got some great gifts!! My in-laws got us a very generous  gift card to Ikea. They heard about the dresser we needed :)

My brother and sister in-law got me a cute Hello Kitty watch!!

Hubs got some movie tickets and a dvd. Coincidentally, this movie was what we watched on one of our first dates!

The adults also played a hilarious game of White Elephant, but I didn't take pictures... I was enjoying myself way too much!

Family Christmas was extra fun this year!

Does your family play White Elephant?

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  1. So great to see all the familiar faces! :) Makes me miss your families a bunch and those tamales look delish!! Yes! my family does White Elephant and secret santa which is my fave part of the holidays! :)


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