Party in a pan and Vacation To Do's

Yellow! I hope you are all doing well. I hope you didn't miss my nonsense ramblings too much. I've decided to take weekends off this blog. Although I think about this blog 24/7 now, I think I need a break on the weekends.

I should make my hubs do weekends.... project hubby hubs perhaps? Maybe he can make me food and fix things around the house? eh? eh? ::snickering::

Weekend Recapy cap:

Besides the fact that So-Cal has been raining non-stop, there were some other happenings in my life. I hosted my first annual Family get together. Hubs and I Hubs, Sonic, and I invited our immediate families over for some yumminess.

Here's what went down...

There was some weapon picking...

Some food shopping...

And cooking of course. I may be a little Julia-ish in saying this but, any meal that starts with butter, has to be Mmm.mmm.MM.

THEN, if the recipe tells you to fry some Pancetta in there..... Oh My!

My day also had some laughs... Here's his face.

And his bum...teehehe. Hubby says it's his balls. ::shakes head:: Boys.

All this silliness eventually made a Ragu Lasagna with my Sunshine twists of course. It said no ricotta... I said, but Hubby likes ricotta. It said, not too much cheese... I said, ARE YOU CRAZY?

I served it with a side of this and this. O-VER-LOAD.

While the Lasagna bubbled up a storm in the oven, I prepped dessert.  Store bought pie crust, sugar and cinnamon coated Granny Smiths, and homemade whipped cream. Simplicity at it's best.

Roll em', cute em' up.

Fork em', bake em' up.

Doesn't it look like the big ones are chasing the baby ones?

How 'bout them apples?

I set the table and the guests happily arrived. Our dads, moms, brothers, our lil sister, and the best nephew in the world.

Sonic was nice enough to keep the guests entertained....or scared, depending on whose face you're looking at.

Sebby is adorable no?

We all gathered around the yummy food, prayed, and stuffed our mouths.

Everyone seemed to love it... My kuya LOVED dessert.


After dinner, Sebby and my Kuya left because Kuya didn't feel well. So, the boys did this...

Hubs and his Daddy sit alike. HA!

And where do you think the ladies were? Thanks to my mommy for washing the dishes. She knows I LOATHE them. And my Mother-in-law helped cleaned the table. I love them!

They even brought us presents! Both moms are so crafty!

Our Sunday could be summed up in one word. LAZY.

Breakfast was a simple pb and j

ok ok... I MAY have added some egg, milk, cinnamon, and vanilla extract and slapped it on a buttery skillet.

BUT...the rest of the day was this...

Today will NOT be like that...lazy. I will get something done, regardless of the rain.

-take a shower before noon (because LORD knows if I don't, I wont for the whole day)
-laundry (I'm trying to cope adjust to the amounts of laundry my hubs has.)
-organize, organize, organize. Office, kitchen, master bedroom.
-not get caught up in ANOTHER HBO movie, TV marathon, or the like.

Here goes nothin'

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