I LOVE my Bunco ladies. They are just loads of fun and a barrel of laughs. Some of my former co-workers and I get together once a month to play bunco, eat, and laugh. Tonight it was at Santa's house... seriously... Terri's house is MAGICAL!

It's a dice game. You pay $10. You roll for a certain number. 12 players, 3 tables... blah blah blah

These are our rules....

1. Provide dinner

Tonight was an amazing spread! Build you own salad and Lobster Bisque. Extra points for having your husband make it!

::rubs belly::

I'd like to take this time to mention the garlic bread. I had 2 and 1/3 pieces.... I don't care how bad it is for you... I ate it, we had a wonderful relationship, and I don't regret it.

If it weren't for my skinny jeans, I would've smuggled some in my pockets.

2. Alcohol-

Extra points for cute cups!

3. Candy at each table

4. Don't be a loser.... tonight... I was a winner. Done and done

And if you don't win.... pout and be a sore loser.... no really... it's a rule.

5. Dessert

Chocolate cupcakes with peppermint = heaven.

6. Decorations optional

Our friend Terri has the most AMAZING house EVER! I want one just like it! Either that, or I'll somehow steal hers....::concocting a plan::

If I do steal it, I'm keeping the Christmas decor up all year. Partly because no one in the right mind has enough time to take all of it down.

We each had an ornament with our initial... so sweet!

Christmas Tree #1

Christmas Tree #2

She collected her daughters stockings throughout the years.

I'm serious... I think this lady STOLE some Elves and is holding them hostage so they can decorate her house every year! AMAZING!

Each room made you feel so happy. Christmas is all around you!!

7. Cute nails are a plus!

I can go on and on with fun rules. :)

We also had Secret Santa tonight!!

Look what I got!!! ::le squeal::

And again, Terri put those Elves to work and they made each of us a pillow. Thanks Elves!

This is my preggos friend Jill! She's modeling the pillow! And there's Crystal in the back playing with her new soft serve ice cream maker... You're welcome Crystal!


AND late Wedding Presents! Thanks Sue!! I LOOOVE it! I think I want to start doing this, giving Wedding presents late. Makes the bride extra happy!

This isn't JUST a picture frame, oh no, it's a bulletin board, magnetic board, and amazing board.... Why wasn't I cool enough to invent this?

Comment Question of the Day:

What was the best present you've ever received?

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  1. You are amazing Joanna! How much do I love that I can call you friend...TONS! Great job on your blog. I am really enjoying it. Keep it up!


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