Fear leaving the body

Hello All! Having a good Tuesday?

Today I got to go home just a bit early. We had a minimum day at school! Yipee! What did I choose to do with all of my extra time? Sit on the couch? Only for 10 minutes. Snack? Only some water? Watch TV? Only the end of Guilliana and Bill.

I'm a changed woman, people! I worked out and I feel GREAT! Today I faced a monster... and her name is Jillian Michaels. Geez, that lady is a BEAST! I decided to do my 30 Day Shred DVD when I got home and whew... lemme tell you... it wasn't easy!

Let me preface my workout recap by saying, I'm a weakling. People might think it's note-worthy that I'm thin, but if you peel back this skin, you will find no muscles! You can put me in an arm wrestling tourny with a 6 year old and... I'll barely win.

I also have really weak bones. I had a bone scan last year and discovered that I'll probably have Osteoporosis in my 30s. So, I need to get on it... more high-impact workouts and Calcium.

I had to channel my inner and outer strength today... so I busted out my Bachelorette Party shirt my Bridesmaids made me for our Vegas trip... hey, it works for this, too!

Let's GO, Jillian, you don't scare me!

Sonic rolled his eyes at the thought of me working out. "You don't even walk me around the damn block!" he said.

But, I pushed on and finished my 20 minute circuit workout. Level 1, of course. But MARK MY WORDS, I will do Level 3 one day. And I wont follow the "if it's too hard for you, follow Jane" girl.

If I can do it, you can do it. Stay motivated friends! Until next time...

How do you stay motivated?


  1. I would love to try out a workout video, especially since it's getting so wintery cold! Any top suggestions?

  2. I totally know what you mean! That 30-day shred is NO JOKE! Sometimes I yell at Jillian (ok, the tv) as I'm doing it because it's so painful! But it hurts so good & the results are great, so i guess can't complain! : )


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