This ain't no walk in the park

Happy Hump Day!! We're halfway done with our week and I'm feelin' gewd...

I heart planners and color coded tasks. Call me crazy, but keeping my week organized in this manner helps me keep my BRAIN organized too. Did I do everything listed so far? No. Did I try? YES. Am I going to hate myself forever? Nope

Hello Kitty got mah back... the back of my planner that is. Adorable no?

So I started off my day stressing about a teacher observation I was supposed to have today. A team of administrators and curriculum reps were supposed to come watch me teach, but I was disappointed to see only ONE guy showed up and stayed for 2.2 seconds.  Don't get me wrong, my nerves were calm after I found out that they were not coming... but I wore my good clothes and everything. Sheesh.

Here's a picture of my classroom. My sixth period boys just  left before I took it. You should feel so lucky that you cannot smell the stinkiness that clouded this room. I had to GET OUT of there.

And do this!

If you cannot decipher my clue, I worked out today. Unfortunately I do not have the right shoes to put my Nike iPod thingy in, so I just have to walk on it. It's all good. The walking club and I.... which consists of me and T.... walked for almost 40 minutes today. 

We made two trips around the school. We saw beautiful trees with fall leaves... and some students.

We walked on the main road so we saw lots and lots of cars... probably not the best place to be breathing, but we work with what we have.

When I got home, I took Sonic on another walk, then plopped myself on the couch. I watched "Leap Year" with Amy Adams. SUPER cute.

Then I made a simple dinner.

Shhh! Don't tell him about all the veggies and whole wheat. I added what I could to the jar sauce...because I'm stubborn like that. I need to make it homemade somehow.

Dashed in some Italian Seasonings because... well... you know...

Sauce and Spinach time!

Tossed in the Tortellini

Made some ::air quotes::  garlic bread

Plate, picture, and serve...

Bomb dot com.

During dinner, Hubs let me know that Tortellini is supposed to represent Venus, the goddess of fertility. CRAP, AND we had Prego sauce? ::covers ears:: LA LA LA LA.... I'm not hearing baby speak right now.

Hubs loved dinner, surprisingly. Afterwards we both had a mad craving for dessert, but I told him to wait until tomorrow! My DESSERT THURSDAY is coming with the quickness!!

Comment question of the day:
Do you have a favorite quick go to meal for mid week laziness?

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  1. I LOVE this glimpse into your life!! You are serg are SO cute and he is just about the luckiest guy in the world to have a smartie, hottie wife who COOKS too! ;) Let's meet up soon! I have tons of goods to return to you!! love you!!


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