Asian Supermarket Sweep

Did anyone else watch that show, Supermarket Sweep? (Not Asian Supermarket Sweep) Seriously, the best show ever! Don't act like you don't remember those gold wrapped hams.

A few weeks ago, my parents went on vacation to the Philippines, Vietnam, and Korea. I was very jealous. They went to the Philippines because that's their homeland, Vietnam because my Uncle works there, and Korea because that's where my brother was born and they haven't been back since. Ahh, the life of an Army family. Even though I couldn't go, my mom and dad promised to bring me lots of goodies! They DID NOT disappoint!

First up in my bag o' goodies were some real deal chopsticks from Vietnam, these adorable chocolate lollipops, and the coolest toolsknown to man! I will be showing this off in a future post. You won't want to miss it! It makes something that is awesome!

And of course, my parents couldn't forget all the cooking presents!
My mom couldn't find a Korean cookbook that was in English, so she brought me these recipe cards she found at the market. Now all I need is a Korean friend who will traslate. Anyone?
She did find a Filipino and Vietnamese cookbook. I will be making and eating lots of Vietnamese spring rolls this year.

And last but not least, they bought me this BEAUTIFUL apron from Korea to add to my apron collection. It is made to look like a Traditional Korean Wedding Dress. Isn't it gorgeous? I don't even want to cook in it.
My parents also took a massive amount of food pictures for me! I will be posting those soon,  so we can all take an imaginary trip to Asia.

In the meantime, you can take your own trip to Asia by visiting your local Asian market. Now, don't be shy or bashful. I know it can be quite intimidating to roam around a market that is literally quite foreign to some you, but be brave and see what's in there!

There are aisles and aisles of new and exciting things to try...
Dumplings and tofu? CHECK.
Delicious sweets? CHECK.
Tea choices galore? CHECK.
Instant Curry for when you're in a hurry? Yuppers!
Loads of cute snacks? HELLOOOOO Kitty!
But take heed because there are some unusual items that you might not see at your local Trader Joe's.
But, other than the hanging ducks and rather unique butcher and seafood section, you're good to go! And if all else fails, ask one of your asian friends to take you! I will gladly go with anyone who asks, but only if you buy me some Hello Kitty Crackers.

On my last trip, I loaded up with all these goodies for under $40. That's a steal if you ask me!
Delicious Filipino bakery items.
Some sauces, seaweed snack, ramen, falafel mix, and a $5 steamer!
Dried mango, green tea, and macadamia nuts.

If you ever go to an Asian market, you wont regret it. You will find lots of yummy treats and interesting knicknacks. And for all your girly girls out there, their makeup is top notch! Take a chance and go to one. Trust me, I'm Asian.

Some of my Asian recipes


  1. I love this post!! (btw I'm a new visitor--hello!) I'm Japanese so a lot of these products look familiar :) And the apron from Korea is gorgeous!! I love the Korean traditional wedding dress fabric...there so colorful and just so so pretty.

  2. Un, when can I come over for dinner? ;)

  3. So many good ideas, and so much food, thank God I'm used with my diet now.

  4. I loved Super Market Sweet! I still think about it occasionally while grocery shopping- I'll feel the urge the urge to by a cart full of coffee, turkeys, diapers, and whatever else the money makers were.

  5. I LOVED Supermarket Sweep! I was always so frustrated by the contestants who were worried about keeping things neat. Ugh! Your new apron is gorgeous! I would end up hanging it up and not using it. Don't do that! :-)

  6. Those lollipops are so CUTE^^!

  7. Whoa that apron is GORGEOUS! I can't wait to spend some time looking through your recipes and trying them out!


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