Happy Birthday Hubby Hub!

To my wonderful Hubs,

Happy 30th birthday, my love!
You are everything to me hunny. You're like the frosting to my cupcake, the ketchup to my french fries, the salt to my pepper. You are my partner in crime.
Everytime you celebrate a birthday, I thank The Man upstairs for blessing my life with such a kind soul. I'm so lucky that I get to celebrate the rest of your birthdays with you. I will be making you a cake until you're 100, ok? Get used to it Hubs! But, time flies when you're having fun, no?
My wish for you is that you get to live out all of your dreams and I want nothing more than to support you on your wonderful journey. You want to go to law school? I will make you snacks when you study. You want to play guitar in a band? I will be front and center throwing my bra at you. You want to run a marathon? I will be there, running in front of you because we all know I'm the faster runner in the family. I keed. I will be in front of you like a carrot on a string, motivating you until the end.

Your friends know how amazingly sweet and helpful you are, your family knows how incredibly funny and kind you are, and yes, your puppy even knows how wonderfully delicious your goatee is. You are perfect to all of us.
But to me, you are more than perfect. You are more than kind and sweet and delicious. You always give me so much more and that's my prize for marrying you. I love you, babe. Happy 30th birthday! Enjoy your special day!

Love,  Your crazy wife.


  1. This is so sweet. =) Happy 30th to your husband!

  2. I love that picture of you guys hiking. You're totally kicking his butt.

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  4. You are such a sweet wife!

    Happiest of Birthdays to your husband. I hope you both have a beautiful day.

  5. Happy birthday to your husband. February birthdays are the best!


  6. This is a super cute post! Happy belated to your hubs! :)

    ♥ sécia


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