Weekend Recap: Meeting a Burger I Did Not Like

Well Happy Monday to ya! I think most everyone I know seems to be happy that this week is a short week. Thanksgiving HERE WE COME! But guys, I take that happy cake.... my fellow teachers and I are off for the whole week....I know I know, we are lucky sons of you know whats. I am loving every minute of it!

This weekend was full of new happenings. First up, I got a new do'. It was about time, too. I was starting to look a little crazy lady there. After I snapped this picture, I was so embarrassed with myself. Talk about letting myself go in the scalp! I haven't had a haircut in over a year!
Good job, Joanna for FINALLY getting a haircut...it's boring...but it'll do.
Moving on....

After playing with my hair for most of the day (so soft) hubs and I went on a double date with my Kuya and Katrina. We went to one of my favorite burger joints!
Their burgers are a step up from fast food burgers, but a step down from gourmet burgers. I love their meat and buns. Rawr!

I also appreciate their amazing condiment and produce station! Build it and they will come. 
Tell me that these stations aren't awesome opossum!
I opted for the Swiss and mushroom burger and it was nummy for my tummy.

Hubs went with a regular bacon cheeseburger and wanted to show off the salt and pepper shakers apparently. He's odd sometimes.
Kuya and Katrina were more daring and got different kinds of meats. I was surprised to see Katrina got an Elk Burger! That's surprising because 99.9% of her meals have only chicken. She's what we'd call a picky eater. But, luckily she's not those picky eaters that I hate...she actually tries things that we offer her no matter how weird they are. Kudos, Katrina! (My Kuya can be very odd. too. Him and Hubs get along just fine.)
I'm the type that would try everything once and I bravely tried the Elk Burger. I immediately spit it out. WHAT? I spit out a burger? I must be out of my mind!! But, I just couldn't stand the gamy taste. ::shivers:: This might go on my list... you know, my food foes list.

After our trip to burger town, we decided to go to what I like to call, Grown-up Chuck E. Cheese!
Dave and Busters is a place where adults can drink their fancy cocktails, eat their fancy chicken strips, and play their fancy race car games. It's a dream, really. 
We danced...like idiots.
We played trivia...like idiots. (Nothing makes your feel worse than not knowing trivial facts that everyone in the world seems to know.)
And then, I found my new favorite game!! FRUIT NINJA! HIYA!
I spent about $10 $20 playing this bad boy! It's super addicting. I mean....it has food AND I'm a ninja for the day! It's a filipino foodie's dream game!

And the best part about Dave and Busters is that you get TICKETS for real prizes! Hubs and I had enough for a blender...no lie.... but we decided to hold out for something better. I have my eye on one of those Chinese thumb trap thingys.

It was a fantabulous weekend! But the thing that made it better was knowing that I don't have work for a whole week! HIYA!!!


  1. yummm elk burger

  2. Elk definitely has a different taste than regular beef, I can see how it threw you off! I haven't had fuddruckers in FOREVER...oh my gosh their buns are the best!

  3. Your hair looks great! Elk is kinda gamy, but you were definitely brave for giving it a shot:)


  4. Great hair! I like elk meat, but it definitely is different if you weren't expecting it.
    You know, ever since I moved to America I have wanted to go to a Dave and Buster's. I just KNOW I would have fun!

  5. Ok, yum. I love all burgers. :) Looks like you had lots of fun!

  6. Your hair looks amazing, I could never make it look so straight, without a flat iron. And I don't like those.

  7. I tried Bison the other day and it just wasn't my cup of tea! Give me some MOO!

  8. oh how funny! the other day I went to D&B's too! :P I love that place--makes me break a sweat with the games. And I've always been curious about fuddruckers! But never had the incentive to actually go in, especially after I heard my friends talking about ordering the big burgers! Like, the size of a face? And lovely haircut!! Looks sooo "fresh" :)


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