Pesto Puffs and Dashing Pups

I really can't speak enough about how much I love pastry puff. I dream of eating it fresh out of the oven with Nutella schmeared all over it, melting from the heat. Oooo baby, you know what I LIKE!

Here are two other recipes and blogposts where I talk about my obsession with this crispy creation.
Mini puffed apple pies
Sweet and Salty Puff Daddy Pastries

This weekend I went to a little Halloween party on Hubby's side of the family. It was so cute!! There were little cousins dressed as Hello Kitty, Joker, Teletubbie, and Raggedy Ann. Even grandma dressed like a vampire!! The food was simple but delicious and the decorations were in full effect. Oh, how I wish I didn't forget my camera!

Bloggers, you know the sad feeling in your heart when you dig through your purse to find that you didn't bring your camera?  Yeah... I had that.

I did manage to snap photos of the little appetizers that I made...well... I managed to snap the process.

Pesto Cream Cheese Puffs
(Pampered Chef Recipe)

Cream Cheese
Pesto a la Jar
Puff Pastry
Will power so you don't eat them all

Here are the magic verbs....

(For 20 minutes at 350F)

Again, I didn't remember to take a picture of the finished product. I figured your imaginations are so amazing and vivid, that you could just make up the ending on your own. But, for those of you whose imaginations suck, here is a pretty accurate picture of what it looked like.

HEY! It's all I could with it. Jokes. That isn't even puff pastry. I would know... I'm a connoisseur of puff.

Moving on....

Yesterday, hubby and I beat some kind of world record for the lamest Halloween turn out. We had a whopping TWO trick or treaters! And to make it worse... I didn't even know what the hell they were dressed as! (But they weren't dressed as skanks so extra candy for them!)

To make the most of the night, Hubby and I set up camp outside and ate our yummy dinner.
Pesto Pasta and Porkchops

As you can see, Hubby was in the spirit of Halloween and dressed up as a man who just got off of work....pretty spot on if you ask me. And lil ol' me? I dressed up as a girl that didn't die from her afternoon run... I jazzed it up with the boob flattening sports bra and beads of sweat. I went ALL out!

And Sonic took home the bacon (he wishes so desperately for that to be true).

He dressed up like Bond...James Bond. So freggin' adorable. I could just eat him....but I wont because that would feed into the stereotype of Asians eating dogs.


  1. Those look so good. My husband's favorite meal that I make is Chicken Cordon Bleu in Puff Pastry. Im drooling just thinking about it! I need a snack...

  2. I love Sergio's costume. What a novel idea. And your Asian stereotype joke made me lol.

  3. Have you tried working with puff pastry's equally as awesome phyllo dough? I have these awesome broccoli turnover sort of thingies on the menu this week that uses them.

  4. I love everything about this post! yum!

  5. you made me laugh 4 times in this post. I'm a connoisseur of puff! hhahah so many delicious things in this post!! <3

  6. That looks so yummy. Ham is one of the few meats I can eat can't wait to try it!

  7. What an easy looking recipe! I'll have to make that very soon, so I can grab a few pieces to much on after a long day at school.

  8. the cheese puffs look so good. i love pesto! and i love that the grandma dressed as a vampire. so awesome.

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