Army Brat

I am proud to be a brat...a full on Army Brat. I am proud of that title because it tells the world that my dad served in the Army. Not only that, he was a Warrant Officer (Who Rah!). I'm incredibly proud to have a dad that worked so incredibly hard to become a high ranking military officer

Because of his hard work an dedication to our country and more importantly, our family, he gave me a childhood that I am truly blessed and thankful to have had.

Because of his commitment to the Army, we were stationed in random corners of the World. He didn't move kicking and screaming (like I did), but took orders to serve his country. Sure it was hard, but looking back makes me realize how awesome my childhood really was. 

I was born in Germany, moved to Colorado when I was a toddler, started grade school in Northern California, traveled to almost all of the countries in Europe by the age of 11, lived on the coolest training base in the country as a middle schooler, and graduated High School in the High Desert. I was also blessed enough to make so many friends along the way.
Germany circa horrible fashion days
Because of his hard work and dedication for so many years, I was given a full ride to college and grad school, tuition free. I cringe when I think about how much college debt people have to pay. I feel so lucky to have a father that worked his ass of to give me a better life.
Getting my teaching credential in 2006
Because of my daddy's hard work, I always had a roof over my head, delicious food to eat, a loving home, and a wonderful role model to look up to. I strive to have the drive and work ethic that he has. Even though he is retired, he continues to work for the Military in other ways. He loves this country and has done so much and in turn has given so much to me. He has given me the opportunity to have a wonderful life. He allowed me to see the world.

My daddy walking me down the aisle

Happy Veteran's Day to all those soldiers, past and present, who put their lives on the line for us.

I love you, Dad. Thank you for working so hard for your country and your family.


  1. Such a lovely tribute to your dad, Joanna. Made me smile.

  2. Very nicely said Joanna. You make your daddy proud!

  3. Awesome post! Yay for your Dad!

  4. Great post and You dad would be proud! And we are all proud of him to so thank you to your dad for serving for the country and also for fighting and protecting all of us here today !!!

  5. What a wonderful life. Your dad is courageous soldier! We truly are blessed and lucky to have experienced the military lifestyle, and we have our fathers (and our mothers who stood by their brave husbands and cared for their children) for providing us a wholesome life. Additionally, if it weren't for our fathers, our families would have never crossed paths! :)

  6. This is such a beautiful post. Your dad is a real hero. Sounds like you really have had some amazing life experiences.



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