Ashamed and McRibbed

I have a confession to make.

I am a McRib fanatic. I'm one of those crazy freakazoids that get excited about the McRib's return to our country. I'm the one that yells "The McRib is Back" as I drive by every McDonald's I see. I drool at the mere thought of the rib meat dripping with tangy bbq sauce...or whatever it really is.

Is it weird that the sandwich is made up of God knows what? Is it weird that this meat is so processed that I can't think of a joke to couple with that idea? Yes, but the cholesterol induced coma (or is that a heart attack?) I get when I eat it wont let me think straight. It's just so good when it touches my lips.

And bonus, Hubs is equally obsessed. We are a McRib family til the end. And I pray that the McRib will be kind to our arteries so our end will not come sooner than what's in God's DayRunner Agenda.

My second confession is that I've already had Two McRibs this McRib season and yes, it's only been two weeks. That's two heart attacks in two weeks.... I must have nine McRib lives.
I can't help it guys. I probably need help but get the hell away from me and don't touch my sandwich!! I have been taking major leaps....nay... astronaut bounds to make my body healthy and strong. I even ran twice this week and did 90 minutes of yoga yesterday...doesn't that cancel ANYTHING out? I wasn to believe so.

I'm making all the health food bloggers cringe writing about this I'm sure, but the truth is, this sandwich reminds me of my childhood. This is a memorabilia from the times in Germany when my parents would take us to McDonalds and where this delicious sandwich was a constant on the menu. So, I hold on dearly to the times when they come back because.... who knows if I will ever return to Germany? That's what I'd like to know. This sandwhich is my childhood friend.
Welcome back, friend. Welcome back. 

  • Any fans out there? Haters?


  1. I've only ever had one McRib...and I fall into the "eh" category. Although I indulge in equally processed foods so I won't judge, ha! Everyone has their favorites!

  2. Total childhood fave! I was surprised when they brought em back!

  3. OK, I admit that I am slightly freaked out by the McRib. However, I could live on MCD's chocolate milkshakes and french fries together. Yum!


  4. Girl, you are not making me you see what I eat ha. Billy loves McRibs, I haven't tried one before but as long as I had a side of fries I am sure I would be happy!! LOVE YOUR BLOG!

  5. I think I say this to you once a year, but I'm not a big fan of the McRib. I had it once as a child and wasn't fond of it, but maybe I should try it again... if I do, I'll call you while I eat it! =)


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