Our 1 Year Anniversary

This weekend, Hubby and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. I know this is cliche, but this year was full of ups and downs. Marriage is WORK! Why didn't anyone tell me in their wedding card to us? I thought marriage was all sexy time, laughing, farting, and happiness. I kid. It isn't just ALL those fun things, but there is that too... am I getting too personal? Really, marriage is a lot of work but well worth it. The amount of work you put into a marriage comes back to you ten-fold when pay day comes.... and when taxes come...oh boy.... break out the good sheets.... ok ok, too personal.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Hubby and I went to San Diego. This is where we celebrated our One Year Anniversary of being boyfriend and girlfriend and where we have decided to take our one year old baby (when he or she comes). Look at us trying to make our own traditions...awww.. aren't we cute?

In good food blogger fashion, I will tell the story of our weekend through the eyes of my stomach. We ate magnificent food that I couldn't wait to show you guys! Watch, watch!

We chose this place because it was where we ate dinner the first time we came to celebrate.

Fresh tortillas made in the entrance to entice you.... smart move. I just wish she handed out samples. How do you say samples in Espanol? I thought the drool on my chin would give her a clue but she was too busy "working."
Carne Asada Fries.... Oh Dios Mio!
Carnitas and Chili Verde.
Bunelos to top it all off. Hubby and I thought my Bunelos were better.

The next morning, I took the Facebook advice from my friend Theresa to visit this place.

Theresa recently graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, so I knew she meant business when recommending this. Also, the fact that there was a TWO HOUR WAIT made it clear to us that we, one, were in for a treat, and two, are insane for spending our day waiting that long for breakfast.

We were also insane for walking a block down the street to get a snack while we waited. Ok FINE, I was  am insane. I couldn't take it, so I bought a croissant...filled with warm Nutella...as a breakfast appetizer. Damn, that sounds even worse when you say it out loud.
Of course, the second I finish licking the last shmear of Nutella off of my fingers, we were called to our table. I ordered a Hash....with veggies to balance the Nutella I had earlier that hour and Hubby went with the chicken and waffles.
We were very full after this, almost to the point of taking a needle and popping our own stomachs to relieve the pressure on our more important organs... like our hearts.

Yet, we marched on and for dinner we went fancy time to Morton's Steak House. This place is legit. Hubby had the Ribeye Steak, while I went for the "smaller portion" Ribeye Steak. We shared potatoes and grilled asparagus.

We also shared a chocolate lava cake, because meat is just not enough to keep a girl satisfied.

We made the mistake of eating rather late and let me tell you, going to bed with a tummy full of steak makes you feel like a bear going to its Winter nap..... except add a whole mess of crazy ass dreams.

On our actual anniversary, we celebrated at the restaurant that catered our wedding. Nostalgic.
The food was great. I ordered a Bacon Spinach Salad (because nothing says salad like bacon) and Penne a la Vodka, while Hubs had the lasagna and half of the bread basket.


And lastly, to end our journey through these mountains of ridiculously portioned meals, we ended our trip reminiscing about our Honeymoon in Maui. We Yelped the best Hawaiian place around.
This hole in the wall eatery was SO good that I forgot to take pictures of the amazing chicken teriyaki that I had.

Or the amazing chicken katsu that hubby inhaled.
You'll just have to trust me on this one.

This trip was much needed for our hearts and our tummies. We had an amazing time remembering the past six years and the last six meals. We had a chance to think about what we can do to improve our marriage and what we can do to make life happier for each other. We spent the weekend laughing, eating, and enjoying each other's company. It was perfect.


  1. Aw, I'm so glad the two of you had a great time! I've never had Hawaiian food, but I've heard it's delicious.

  2. You two are so much fun.
    I wish you all the best in the world.

  3. Yay! Happy anniversary! Looks like you two had a great time! I love Hash, but they're portions are insane!

  4. I so enjoy following your food travels. Having had the joy of being at your wedding and seeing the love between you two, I really do send you the BIGGEST anniversary wishes!

  5. Holy magnificent food, Batman! You two make a beautiful couple. It looks like you had a fab trip.



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